The Love Report

How To Deal with the Monotony and Monogamy

Hey Everybody,

Sorry, we’ve been away for a while.

But the Love Report is back!

And it’s back with a bang. Or for some of you in monogamous relationships, it’s back with maybe a whimper and a little less banging.

Join David and I today as we talk about relationship monogamy and monotony, and how to really overcome some of that when your relationship is just in that, oh-so-funky-slow period.

You’ll get a front row seat, as David confesses today about his raging single life (it’s pretty steamy).

Who’s he dating?

What type of woman does he like?

Now I know all this because I’ve known him for so many years, so I know the exact type of woman that he likes.

And I give him a little tease here and there about where he’s meeting all these women.


I’m going to share something about my personal relationship that’s just going to — well you have to listen to find out.

Alright, see you on the Love Report.

Patti out.