The Love Report

The Power of Ho’oponopono and Dream Manifestation

Today, join David Wygant and I as we talk in this week’s Love Report about the power dream manifestation.

What do your dreams actually mean?

What about when you have that super hot sexy dream, does it really mean you’re going to meet that person or does it mean that you’re lacking something in your own sex life?

I also talk about Ho’oponopono (a deep cleaning meditation)– And what that means and how to really get rid of the negative programming.

You know we all have it, that story that keeps repeating over and over in our subconscious mind, that negative loop that stops us from getting into loving relationships.

Some of us actually have a loop that plays over and over again that makes us think that we don’t deserve a loving, amazing, beautiful relationship.

In today’s Love Report, David and I go over the power of manifestation, the impact of negative loopings, and how to get them out of your life permanently.

This is definitely a must-listen-to.

Also, it’s the 4th of July, everybody go out and have an amazing three-day weekend.

Go out there and create some fireworks in your own life, I certainly will. I will talk to you all soon.

Patti out