The Love Report

“I Will Make Them Understand”

A couple struggles to make each other understand one anotherHave you seen the movie The Little Mermaid?

One of the best Disney movies of all time because it had so many great social statements.

No, not that a woman that can turn into an octopus and take over a mermaid empire. Though that sounds like fun.

But one of the best lines, and it’s something a lot of people go into their relationships with:

“I will make them understand”.

Let me ask you a question.  And I want you for a moment to really think about this.

In all your past relationships, how many times did you try to ‘make him understand’?

How many times did you sit him down and try to make him understand your point of view?

How many texts?

How many e-mails?

How many phone conversations?

How many face-to-face meetings until you finally realized, he just didn’t understand. And, he wasn’t going to.

Do you want to know why he didn’t understand your point of view?  Do you want to know the reasons why you’ll never make somebody understand?

David and I pull this problem apart in today’s podcast.  And the answer is going to shock you.

You are never going to beat your head against the wall, trying to make him understand you, again.

If you’re going through this in your relationship right now, the secret we reveal in today’s podcast will finally help you understand yourself better and where your relationship is going.

Today’s podcast exposes the eye-opening truth about how to date and how to find your next mate. Successfully.

The real reason why he doesn’t understand is…

You’re going to have to listen to find out.