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5 Ways to Be Your Own Matchmaker This Holiday Season!

People gather at a holiday party, part of being your own matchmaker during the holidaysSingle this year during the holidays? Great! This is the perfect time of year to get out there and be your own matchmaker.

Every holiday season my clients express extra grief about not being in a relationship. They don’t realize that this time of year is a prime time to meet people and expand their social circle.

Here are 5 fun ways to be your own matchmaker this holiday season.

(If you are currently working with a date coach or matchmaker, trust me, they would be thrilled that you followed these tips to expand your social network. You can practice the skills they have taught you while you are at it.)

  1. Get invited to every party possible

    ‘Tis the season to party! During the holidays everyone throws a party, and you need to be at them all. Be sure to attend your work party, and tag along with friends to their office parties as well.  Ask your friends about all of the holiday parties they are attending this year and go as their plus one.

    Don’t forget about your family. Use them as a social resource.  Maybe your second cousin has some great friends you’ve never met, or your mom’s office party is full of eligible singles, (or mom’s of eligible singles!)

    Make socializing a priority these next few weeks.

  2. Throw a party of your own

    Throwing your own party is a great way to expand your social circle. Invite friends from different social groups, and a request that all guests bring along their own guest. This will ensure that crowd is more diverse than your normal get together. Even if your friends don’t bring the man/woman of your dreams, the person they bring might have a friend they could introduce you to.

  3. Take advantage of holiday events and classes

    Always wanted to take a cooking class, painting class, or learn to ice skate? Now is the time. Take advantage of all the extra events going on for the holidays. The more you get out of the house and shake up your routine, the more likely you are to meet someone new.

  4. Do NOT eat at home alone

    You will never, I repeat NEVER, meet someone sitting at home eating dinner alone. I know a lot of people have qualms about going to restaurants and eating by themselves, but I think it is one of the best ways to meet a new group of people. When I was single I frequented a New York City restaurant for dinner at the bar, and made so many amazing friends.

    Find a friendly and social restaurant in your area that has a bar you can sit at to order dinner. Chat with the bartender about what wine would go best with your meal and make friends with the people sitting around you.  Chances are they are there for the same reason and would be thrilled to get to know you.

    Another great tip is to stop making coffee at home in the morning. Go to local coffee shops instead. You are sure to meet more people at the coffee shop than in your kitchen.

  5. Chat people up!

    Whether you are grocery shopping, gift shopping, or in line at the drug store, look up and make connections with those around you. People are friendlier during the holiday season, so take advantage. Make eye contact with those around you, smile, and project a friendly demeanor. I promise people will be drawn to you and appreciate your openness and positivity.  Keep your eyes peeled. Your next date might be in line at your local coffee shop right now.

    REMEMBER! There are millions of singles in the world that would be thrilled to see you at a party, restaurant, or out shopping in your neighborhood. Sitting home alone commiserating is not the way to enjoy the holidays or find your next relationship.

Extra Tip:

Feeling a little nervous about approaching new people? Wear a conversation starter. For example, at parties I often wear a large heart pendant.  People always ask me about it, which gives me an automatic opening to meet them and tell them about being a matchmaker.

As always please feel free to reach out to me with any questions–  Happy Holidays!

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