What happens if you don’t get married

notmarriedMy big goal when working with most of my clients is to get them happily married. I have a very high success rate and spend a lot of Saturday nights dancing at my clients’ weddings. It’s really fun! That being said, marriage isn’t in the cards for everyone. Or, it isn’t in the cards right now for everyone. I’m 54 years old and I’ve never been married. I know my soul mate man is out there and I’m learning a lot of lessons on my journey to meet him. But, until then, I’m single and unmarried and actually very, very happy. So, I wanted to write something for all of you single girls out there and let you know about three amazing things that happen when you don’t get married.

You can work on yourself

Not having a significant other in my life means that I’m actually the significant other in my own life. And that’s pretty great. I get to spend time working on myself. I’ve discovered my own spirituality, gotten into fitness and become a really good cook while being single. I’m becoming the best version of myself because I’m with only myself a lot…and I want to be good company for myself. Does that make sense? Basically, I want to be the best me for myself and being single allows me the time to do this! Use your time alone to find new hobbies, become emotionally healthy in therapy or travel the globe! You won’t regret it.

You can focus on your career

This is huge! When I’m single, I focus a lot more energy on my business and it really shows in my bottom line. I’m not saying that people in relationships are less successful than single folks. But, it’s easier to work a little later and a little harder when you’re not meeting someone for dinner every night. At least, it really is for me! Take advantage of single time to skyrocket your career into the stratosphere. You’ll feel great about yourself and have a resume that sings your praises!

You can learn what you want

Being unmarried doesn’t mean that you’re totally alone forever. It means that you can date around a lot and learn more about what works for you in a relationship and partner and what doesn’t. Also, it gives you more opportunities to learn what works for you in the bedroom, too. And that’s never a bad thing. At this point, I know what I’m looking for in a partner thanks to lots of trial and error. It’s just finding him!

Hope that helps some of you single girls out there. Not being married has actually been a really meaningful and important element of my life and I think it can be for other people, too!