The Love Report

Relationship red flags

Most people go into a relationship like a car entering the freeway.

They see an opening in traffic, an opportunity, so they hit the gas and hope for the best.

Women especially.

They meet a man. They’ve been single for a while. They want it to work out.

You could even meet somebody on or another site, and immediately create this powerful story about this romance that’s soon to come.

Before you even meet them. You’ve seen their pictures, read their stats and your hopeful imagination has gone into overdrive.

Even when you’re on your way to that first date, you’re busy.

Busy writing the story of the two of you.

The story of how you fell in love, the story of your future life together.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

It’s a wonderful feeling because everything is perfect.

Everything is perfect because it’s a fantasy.

So when you arrive at the date, you’re practically in a daze from the fantasy.

So you decide to ‘get on the freeway’ without looking at the oncoming traffic.

A pretty dangerous move.

When you’re in “storyland” or as I like to call it, Fables — Aesop’s Fable-ville.

When you are in that fantasy ‘Fable-ville, you’re going to miss all the relationship red flags.

It’s inevitable.

Sure enough, six months down the road, you’re going to wonder, who is this person? It’s not really who this person is. You just woke up very quickly to what the reality is.

Today in the Love Report, David and I talk about relationship red flags and how to recognize things instantly so you’re no longer creating stories about what you think the man is.

So you can actually see the person that’s representing themselves right in front of you.

For all my male readers, I suggest you strongly watch this video to.

It’s going to help you also not create the stories you may create about a woman.

The more people that get healthy about relationships, the less relationship red flags, the better that relationship can be.