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Do men cuddle?

A man cuddles with his womanIt sounds like a funny question doesn’t it? But women email me about this all the time. Women seem confused about how to interpret a cuddle from a man. Is he being friendly? Is he just more sensitive than other guys? Or is it a sign he has strong feelings for you?

Here’s an email I had from a woman recently. She wants to know whether the guy she’s seeing is starting to develop feelings for her, and it’s all because of his recent increase in affection. Here’s her email…

Dear David,
I started dating a guy I work with a while ago. We started to meet after work for drinks. I could tell he was into me, but I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to date someone I work with. He’s a nice guy so I thought I’d give it a go.

My question is, what signs should I look for to see if he’s falling for me?

This weekend we spent the night together after seeing a movie with friends. The thing that confused me was, he didn’t try to have sex with me. We just lay in bed talking and joking. For hours, he just held me and cuddled up to me. If he liked me, wouldn’t he have tried to make a move on me?

It was almost as if we were just friends having a sleep over. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he didn’t just have sex with me and then go cold, but I’d just like to understand more where I stand. I really like him and it was so nice to just lay in bed with a guy and cuddle. I didn’t feel threatened, but I just don’t want to start falling for him and then find he just wants to be friends. So here’s my question…

Do men cuddle women for hours if they’re interested in them, or is it a sign he just wants to be friends?”

David says…Here’s why it’s so important to communicate when you’re dating someone. Most the time we’re so afraid to say what we want, or to hear the truth from out dates, we drive ourselves nuts trying to work out what the other one is thing. Rather than trying to guess what he’s feeling why don’t you just ask him.

The only way you’re going to get the real answer you need is to ask the guy himself. I can give you my opinion (and I will in a moment) but instead of listening to me or your friends, talk to the guy himself. I get you’re scared to get an answer you don’t like, but isn’t that better than spending months trying to guess what the situation is?

In the meantime, in answer to your question about whether men cuddle. Unfortunately, some guys have left women with the opinion that all men want is sex. Most women think if a guy is interested in them they’ll automatically try to rip off their panties.

Well, that’s not actually the way all guys act. Mature men who are relationship-ready, and understand how to treat a woman won’t always go right for the “kill.”

Emotionally evolved men know how to romance a woman. They know how to make them feel safe, and they know that women love men to hold and cuddle them. My guess is this guy does like you, and he’s showing you enough respect not to just try to jump into your panties. It sounds like you have a nice guy on your hands, but rather than trying to guess how he feels, ask him.

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