#AskPatti: First date tips, dating with a disability, marriage advice & more!

Hello, hello, my tweethearts! Can we just take a second and think about how quickly 2014 is flying by? Didn’t New Year’s Eve happen, like, yesterday? My year is just zooming by. I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day is behind us and we’re well on our way to spring! My East Coast tweeties, I’m especially glad that spring is hitting for you guys! What a rough winter it’s been for you! Anyway, another week zooming by means that it’s time for another #AskPatti column. Let’s see what all need to know this week!

One, do dinner, not drinks or lunch. And especially not coffee. Gross! Two, pay. Three, make plans for the next date if you dug the first.
I’d give you the same exact advice I give every single woman I meet—Sister, you’re not going to meet the man of your dreams by doing nothing at home alone every night. Get out there, both in real life and get out there digitally! Go out to places eligible men hang out—cigar bars, comic book stores and trade shows, for example. Brush up your online dating profile and set up some digital dates! I’d also recommend looking for sites and communities specifically for handicapped people. Start chatting there, too!

Congratulations, Kelly and Derek! Here’s my advice—communicate, make a sex schedule and stick to it (at least!), and never, ever stop being romantic. Oh, and don’t listen to anyone who says don’t go to bed angry. You can totally go to bed angry!