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5 Red flags every woman ignores, but shouldn’t

Couple doesn't see the relationship red flags
I think the world of all of my girlfriends. I’m friends with the hands down most accomplished, inspiring, confident and fun women on the whole planet. But, sometimes they come to me with relationship issues that I can’t believe they’re trying to resolve. Literally, they’ll ask me how to handle deal-breaker scenarios and my only advice is to dump the schmuck. So, I realized that if my bright, amazing women friends are tolerating men who are waving red flags like crazy, that means that every single woman out there is ignoring red flag behavior. And it has to stop. So, here are five deal-breaking red flags no woman should ever in a million years ignore. Read more

Relationship red flags

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#AskPatti: Soul mates, unavailable guys, short hair & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello again, my AskPatti-ers. Another week and another round of amazing questions from you all. When I started this column, I really thought I’d be answering one question a week. But you all have so many important and inspiring questions that I can’t help but fit as many as I possibly can into every column. So, welcome to another week of rapid fire #AskPatti questions. Let’s jump in. Read more