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A Man’s thoughts on Valentines Day

Ask Justin BirdMen have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s day. Some have it down, some don’t. The latter runs to the flower shop the day of to buy what’s left of the roses and then stumbles to the Hallmark aisle for the “perfect” card. #truth


Single guy thoughts

Hmmm, what girl do I want to take out? Do I even want to go out and spend money? Valentine’s is overrated right? When do I start planning? Oh, will this Groupon for chocolates and flowers do the trick? When should I place my order? How do I ask for her address, is that a dead giveaway? So much is going through their minds that they don’t even know what’s right anymore.


Single guy who has his eyes set on her

This guy will try and impress her using all the charm he can find. I use “try” because we all know us men clearly aren’t mind readers.  He has it all planned out in his head and puts his plan into motion with fluidity.

He has flowers arrive at her house or work in the morning, calls and texts her “Happy Valentine’s Day,” has either a nice restaurant picked out that she has been dying to go to or has a sunset helicopter flight planned, picks her up, takes her home for dessert. However you want to interpret dessert, you’re probably correct.


Taken guy who is in a committed relationship

He is either excited he gets to cast a romantic spell on you or he “forgot” it was Valentine’s day.

“Takeout and a fine glass of wine at home with their date would be the greatest on Valentine’s Day,”…said no woman EVER


One thought they ALL have in common: They feel like they have been pulling their weight every day of the year, now why on this day where love is on steroids must it be any different?

OHHH and we all want to take you home.


Foolproof Gifts and my Top 5 date ideas on Valentines Day

Gifts for Men

  • Gift Cards to our favorite stores/restaurants
  • Nice dinner and pay…I hope you do that sometimes anyway
  • Sex
  • Tickets to a sporting event/concert
  • Bake him something sweet
  • Electronics—no shortage of ideas there


Top 5 Dates

  1. A romantic weekend away wine tasting
  2. Cook dinner together
  3. Blindfold him/her and be whisked away to a private/romantic place with food/drink
  4. Couples massage at an upscale Spa
  5. Visit a sex-shop together to spice up the evening