The Love Report

How to Negotiate the Ring

First off ladies, happy Valentines Day!

Don’t fret if a man is not in your life right now. It’s okay, because there’s plenty of men, and if you followed the Love Report and read me all the time, you know that I am going to help you find love in 2014.

It’s my commitment to all of you.

Today, the Love Report is a video with David Wygant.  We talk about committing further, and how women can get the ring.

Women see the ring as the ultimate sign of a man’s love and devotion, the ultimate romantic symbol, a completion of their vision. The beginning of ‘happily ever after’. The fairy tale story.

But some men see it as a trap, a trap with steel jaws they’ll never get loose from once they put their foot in it. A loss of freedom, like walking around with a ‘ball and chain’.

This is an important conversation.  This is also a very touchy subject with men, because a lot of men will do what?

A lot of men will hold off as long as they possibly can.

As a matter of fact, a lot of men don’t want to a ‘ruin a good thing’.

If they have a woman who doesn’t desire the ring, or the commitment is kind of in the grey area, why are they going to rock it because it fits into their perfect world?

What’s the right way to go about it, to get the commitment and the ring you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl?

Can you make it his idea without him even realizing it?

How do you force the issue without risking your relationship?

Is an ultimatum the right way to go? How about denying him sex?

Do you have to find another guy?

What if you really love him and think he’s ‘the one’?

These are important questions and we’ve got answers.

So today, join David and I on this beautiful Valentine’s Day week, as we discuss how to get the man of your dreams to commit further.

Not only that, this video is great for all you single women out there too, because it’s going to help you when you date the next guy to know how to get him to commit, and to find out if he’s a commitment-phobe or not.