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Does Your Age Put Men Off?

Woman examines her age in the mirrorI get so many emails from women each week that begin the same way. They lead with something like, “David, I’m a 46 year old woman, but I don’t look my age.” Or, “I’m in my fifties, but I’m very young-minded.”

My favorite one is, “I’m 44, but guys always say I look much younger.”

Why do you need to start an email like that? Why is your age important?

Nobody really thinks they look their age anyway. Here’s the thing…

I look good for my age, but it doesn’t matter if people think I look much younger. All that matters is I look good, and I’m in great shape for a man of my age. That’s the mindset you need. You can’t turn back time. It’s great a man thinks you look younger, but the fact you bring your age up all the time means you’re subconsciously worried you’re too old to meet a man.

The more you talk about your age, the more scared you are. You’re worried your chance has gone. When you say, “I’m a young looking 50 year old,” what you’re really saying is, “Is my age going against me? Is this why I’m single?”

Do YOU worry your age is stopping you find love?

If you are then listen up, and listen carefully…

Sex appeal has no age limit. Sex appeal has no boundaries. Age really isn’t important when it comes to love. All age tells us is how long it’s been since we were born. How many women have you met in their 20’s who look amazing, but when they start talking, they show as much sex appeal as a lemon?

Age really isn’t important when it comes to love.

They’re just like an ornament. Nice to look at but kind of pointless.

Just look at Christy Brinkley. She just had some shots done for Sports Illustrated. She’s 60 and she rocks it. She looks great, but she exudes confidence and sex appeal. She knows how to tap into her inner sex-goddess. She doesn’t lead with her age ever.

So the next time you write to me, just tell me this…

“I’m 45 years old, I look amazing, and I rock. I know I can attract any man I choose.”

You just have to tap into your sexual energy, learn how to flirt with men, and learn how to turn men on with one look. You need to be confident in the woman you are now, not the woman you were 10 years ago. Embrace your age ladies. It’s nothing to fear, and you look beautiful whatever age you are!

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