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How to know when love has been delivered

Imagine for a second that love can be delivered.

Then again, some of you actually believe it can.

We’re on dating sites and dating apps more than we are actually communicating with other people that we see in our daily lives.

Every night we’re swiping for love.

We’re literally on sites that are as big as Amazon, looking for magic to happen.

Looking for the right connection.

Looking for somebody that’s going to blow you away and be different than anyone you’ve ever met before.

We all have lists of what we want.

Things that we think we want to experience.

Lessons from our past relationships.

If I asked all of you to define what love is, you would all have a very different definition of love.

If I asked all of you to define how you want to feel in love, we would all have very different definitions of that as well.

If I ask all of you what great sex is, we would all have different definitions of it.

We have different definitions of what affections is. To me, being affectionate might be something that absolutely makes you feel great.

You may think you’re an affectionate person because you hold hands, and yet the person you’re with loves to be touched and caressed and held.

You may think you’re great at sex. You might have sex for five or six minutes and that, to you, is all you need. And yet, you meet somebody who likes to have beautiful, marathon sex sessions where there’s lots of foreplay, touching and tenderness and loving words of just beautiful affirmations and feelings of the soul.

We’re all so very different.

So we compile these lists of things and we have these ideas of what we want.

But, when love fully arrives, we don’t really know what it is. Let me explain why.

When we were in our 20’s, we would just meet and fall in love and everything felt so different. We were still in so many of the stories that were fed us from our parents. We were really just playing out what we’ve been programmed to want and be from dear old mom and dad, and all our programming from a kid. So our first relationships were really based on what mom and dad told us they should be.

My mother always said I would have this moment, this absolute moment, that I would know I was in love with somebody. My mom was a dreamer.

So of course, my first few times I fell in love, it was all about a sign that I saw.

It was their birthday.

We met at a certain place that felt like it was out of a movie.

We both said the same thing at the same time.

I was always looking for a sign. And it was great, and it was sweet from the moment that I was and the age that I was at.

But yet, when love fully arrives, it’s a feeling that we’ve never met this person before. They’re different than anyone else that we’ve ever met before.

You see, as we become more in touch and awake as souls, it’s actually a rare occurrence to be excited about someone.

We do a lot of duty dating.

Where we actually meet lots of people and we hope to find that one person that we feel absolutely excited and different about, someone we’ve never met before.

We give people chances.

We try to find the best in somebody.

Some of us continue to have projects, thinking that somebody’s going to be something that they’re not because we want them to be that.

But the reality is the person who is our match will be like no one we’ve ever seen before.

You see, when we’re fully awake, and we’ve broken the cycle of what feels familiar to what feels amazing, it’s at that point our souls are ready for the ride.

It’s at that point when two souls finally, energetically connect, and when they connect, they recognize that they’ve been given the gift.

They’re experiencing the magic.

They know that there’s great potential but yet they stay very present with each other.

And they fall in love with someone they’ve never met before.

There’s another big part of the journey.

That big part of the journey is you being okay alone.

Being okay alone and knowing that you’re ready for love.

When you’re okay with being alone and you’re ready for love, you’re actually open to a new experience. When you’re in need of love, or when you desire it so much and you don’t want to be alone anymore and you feel frustrated, then you’ll bring in exactly what you always bring in. That familiar person that’s going to rescue you from being alone.

I’m all about being alone. I’ve mostly been alone for the last four years.

Why? Because I’m getting ready for the person who’s totally different than I’ve ever met before because that person is somebody I’m going to be able to grow with, expand with and have that unconditional love with.

Because that’s what love truly is, loving somebody the way they need to be loved and it makes you feel so amazing to be that person for that other person.