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The Five Different Types of Soulmates that Come Into Your Life

SoulmatesLet’s talk about the word soulmate. Because I truly believe that, in life, we have many soul connections that come into our lives.

Tons, actually.

There’s no one person for everybody. Because if there was and you were living in Wisconsin and they were living in Los Angeles, you would never meet!

So there are many different kinds of soulmates that you will connect with over a period of a lifetime. And that’s the most beautiful thing you can experience.

You need to get rid of the myth of the one and realize that life is a series of ones.

Let’s talk about the different soulmates.

1. The young love soulmate.

Chris was her name. I fell head over heels in love and I was absolutely obsessed with her. I thought about her all day long, we made out at the locker, I drove her home from school.

I was 17 years old and I was in love for the very, very first time. It was innocent. It was pure. And together, we experienced something that neither one of us will ever experience again.

It’s the young soulmate. It’s the first time you fall in love. It’s the first time you’re in love with somebody outside of your parents and family and it’s so powerful.

The thoughts you have, the feelings you have. Thinking that you’re going to be together for the next 100 years. It’s beautiful. It’s amazing. And it’s something everybody experiences.

And it’s the first relationship that goes awry and allows us to realize that there’s pain. But if you handle it right the first time, you realize that every soulmate brings a lesson into your life.

2. The buddy buddy soulmate.

Have you ever met a friend that you absolutely loved and adored from the second you met them?

It was like you connected with them instantly. There was a group of people, the two of you met eyes, and you had a friendship that lasted forever and ever.

See, soulmates are not just lovers. Soulmates are also friends. Soulmates can also be had between man and man and woman and there’s no sex involved at all.

It’s just a connection between two amazing people that have each others back that recognize how alike each other is and finish each others sentences.

3. The hot and sweaty soulmate.

I call this the soul lover.

You meet somebody and you can’t get enough of their body.

The connection the two of you have in bed is unreal.

You’ve never orgasmed so freely.

You never felt so beautiful.

You never felt so seen.

When you made love, it was nothing like you ever felt or imagined before. But yet, you couldn’t have a relationship with this person. When it came down to having a relationship with them, it didn’t exactly work.

But the second you went into the bedroom, it was unreal.

I’ve had several of these throughout my life.

They’re beautiful and amazing. And when they do come up, I realize it’s just a soul sex connection and that’s it. You mistake it for love on so many levels, but in reality, it isn’t love. You just love each other’s bodies. You love each other’s souls. You love what you can do to each other, but you don’t love what the relationship could be all about. Which leads us to number four.

4. The lesson soulmate.

The person that comes in and absolutely rocks your world in so many different ways.

You fight like you’ve never fought before.

They frustrate you like you’ve never been frustrated before. And yet, they come in to show you things that you needed to learn. Things that come up from your childhood. Things that you need to just experience. Lessons that you needed to face. Truths that needed to be seen.

This type of soulmate is a painful soulmate until you thank them for all the lessons they’ve done.

5. Your soul to soul heartfelt soulmate.

These show up when you’re ready and you’ve done work. These show up and give you love like you’ve never felt before. I’ve had a few in my lifetime. Probably three.

You ask why I’m not with them anymore. Because it goes down to really understanding that soulmates may not last forever. You might just share a time together.

It doesn’t mean because you’re in a relationship and you’re soulmates that it’s going to last forever and ever.

So, you have to recognize that we have many soulmates that come in at the exact right time. Enjoy them all.