4 Tips for Finding a Date This Fall


I know you are probably sad to see the sunny days and summer temperatures fade away, but in terms of dating, you should start getting very excited for fall.

Summer for a lot of people is all about finding a fling, looking for a hookup, and taking advantage of the nice weather to go out and meet as many different people as possible. Once fall comes however, a lot of daters change their tune. The colder temperatures send the brain a message to begin building a nest and preparing for the winter. Fall is a time when singles want to find that person that they are going to snuggle up with when it snows, to watch a movie with, and to maybe even take home for Thanksgiving dinner.

With that in mind… here are some tips to help you find someone to snuggle with as the season changes!

 1. Never Leave Home Without A Conversation Starter!

By this I do not mean have a list of questions that you are already ready to ask when you meet a cute guy. I mean choose something you can bring with you, wear, or do when you go out that will make it easier for men to approach you and strike up a conversation.

For example, I know a woman who used to bring out her pet lizard with her when she was in the mood to meet men. It might sound crazy, but it worked extremely well! Men would stop her everywhere she went because they were so intrigued by this beautiful woman walking around with such an alternative pet!

 For example, I know a woman who used to bring out her pet lizard with her when she was in the mood to meet men. It might sound crazy, but it worked extremely well!

Believe me, I know that lizards are not everyone’s cup of tea, so here’s another option. A colleague of mine used to bring a balloon with her to a bar when she went out. When men asked her about it (and they always did) she would say it was for a friend’s birthday party that she was going to later. The balloon was a great conversation starter, and gave men a reason to come up to her!

Find something that works for you.

2. Learn to love football…or at least where men go to watch it.

Love it or hate it, football season is upon us so you had better take advantage! Men love watching sporting events at bars with groups of other men. If you are looking to meet guys, wouldn’t it make sense that this is where you need to be too? Head to the local pub, sports bar, or wherever the men in your area congregate to watch the big game, and strike up conversation with the people there. Don’t understand what is going on? Ask a cute guy to explain it to you and ask him which team he is rooting for!

3. Throw A Party.

A great way to meet new people is to create your own ideal social gathering. I suggest that you invite 6 of your best single girlfriends over, and tell them to bring a member of the opposite sex with them. This party structure is a fantastic way for you all to expand your social networks. Even if your next boyfriend isn’t at that party, one of the guys there might know someone that is perfect for you! It’s all about expanding your network.

4. Don’t let the colder weather stop you from going OUT.

Remember to always go out at least at couple of times a month with friends, coworkers or even on your own. Be brave and eat out by yourself. Take a chance and sit at a bar where there are other people and strike up a conversation. Do NOT go to these places and sit on your phone or reading a book. You need to appear open and ready to meet people! Take the opportunity for exposure, not for catching up on your Facebook feed.

So get ready, make a strategy, and find someone to keep you warm through the winter.  Let me know how it goes!  Happy hunting!

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