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6 Signs He’s Falling In Love With You

A couple sits on grass being in loveYou’ve dreamt of this moment all your life. You’ve met an incredible man. He’s strong, caring, and a wizard in bed. You think he’s getting serious about you but you don’t want to misread the signs. The last thing you want to do is scare him off if you’ve got this wrong, but if he is trying to tell you he cares, you don’t want him to think you’re not interested. So here are 6 signs he’s starting to fall for you…

  1. He listens to everything you say

    Have you ever asked, “Why don’t men ever listen? Every man I date never listens to me.”

    You won’t feel like this if you’re with a man who’s in love with you. He’ll listen carefully to every little word you say. He’ll look at you intently, and he’ll even repeat things back to show you he’s taking everything you say in. You’ll tell him about some top restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit but can never get a booking, and the day after he’ll surprise you with an unlikely reservation.

  2. He doesn’t hide his emotions

    This is a sure sign he’s developing strong feelings for you. Some men are naturally emotional, but most men hide their emotional side away until they’ve met “the one.” If he starts showing emotions and revealing things that have happened in his past, he’s trying to demonstrate he has a softer side.

    He might also start talking about things he’s never spoken about before. Some things might upset him so make sure you listen, and show understanding.

  3. He shows an interest in “girlie” hobbies

    If he’s doing everything he can do get on their good side he’s well on the road to “loves-ville!”

    When you first started dating him, if you dared put “Sex in the City” or “Ugly Betty” on the television, he’d leave the room to do something else. Now, not only is he staying in the room with you, but also he’s snuggling up watching it with you. This is a major giveaway about how he feels. Something else to look out for is how he acts around your girlfriends.

    If he’s doing everything he can do get on their good side he’s well on the road to “loves-ville!”

    He’s a clever guy, and he knows he needs your friends to like him too.

  4. He introduces you to his Mother

    When he suggests you go and meet his Mom, he may as well say, “I love you!”

    Guys NEVER take girlfriends to meet Mom unless they’re serious about them. It never happens. Once a guy involves his Mom, she’ll pressure him to propose to you. If he’s letting her get involved he’s VERY serious about your relationship.

  5. He’s suddenly great with animals and children

    During the first few months of your relationship, he’s never mentioned he likes children, and he’s certainly never come across as an animal lover. Now, whenever you’re out and spot a child he starts cooing and playing “pee-po” with it.He’ll talk to the parent about how cute the kid is, or he’ll ask about the breed of the dog you just passed on the street. It’s a clever way of showing he’ll be a natural family man.  He wants you to imagine having children with him. This is a MASSIVE flashing beacon of love!

  6. He’ll say the words

    Yes, that’s right. He might just come out one day and tell you he loves you.

    It might come as a surprise so be ready for it. The last thing he wants to see when he utters those 3 special words is a look of horror on your face! If you look too shocked he’ll panic he said something wrong and might go cold.

    So the man you’re dating IS showing signs of falling for you. Now you need to ask yourself a very important question…

    How do you feel about him? Do you love him too? Can you imagine being with him forever?

    If you don’t feel as strongly for him as he does about you, you have to be open and honest with him. It’s taken him a lot of courage to show you how he feels. You owe it to him to tell the truth about where you see your future. And if you love him too, then congratulations. Maybe he is “the one!”