Why You Need To Ditch Mr. One Hour A Week


She couldn’t stand it anymore. She was so lonely. All he have her was one stupid hour a week. That’s right. This a-hole of a man was only able to spare his “girlfriend” one little hour a week. I’m not talking about sex either. That one hour included sex, foreplay, and communication. He loved it. He could get his rocks off whenever he wanted, without having to show her any commitment. For a player, it’s the perfect scenario.

Women write to me about this situation all the time. “Why don’t men stick around? Why won’t men commit to me? Why do I always end up being the booty call?”

Here’s the thing. Men and women both desire very different things from relationships. Some men won’t commit no matter what you do. So how to you know which men are players, and which men want to settle down with you?

Follow these exact steps and you’ll be amazed at what you see.

When you start dating someone new, remember that for the first month or so, he’ll be on his best behavior. He’ll return your calls, he’ll show you lots of affection, and he’ll do all the things he thinks you want from him. During this honeymoon period, I want you to write down everything he says. Make a note of every promise, every story, everything he tells you he wants to do with you. Then see if he follows through over the coming months.

Men and women both desire very different things from relationships. Some men won’t commit no matter what you do.

If he isn’t following through on his promises, you need to get rid. He needs to be hitting at least 100% before you can say he’s committed, and he should be at 100% before you sleep with him. Why? Because if you jump into bed with a man too early, or regardless of whether he’s following through on his promises, all you’re going to do is attract players and men who won’t commit. Once you let the “monster” in, he’s getting what he wants and there’s no reason for him to make an effort anymore.

Jump into bed with him too quick, and you’re going to become the booty call. He won’t date you. Why should he commit when you’re happy to give him what he wants free? I must have said this a million times, but it’s the only way to tell if a man is for real or not.

How Do You Spot A Player?

Listen out for his excuses. Players love excuses. He’ll tell you he’s busy at work, or that his kid isn’t well, or even that his ex is stopping him seeing other women. Don’t buy these excuses because they’re exactly that. Make a man prove he is serious before you let him in. Sleeping with a guy you’re attracted to because you think it will hook him into a relationship with you is a mistake. All it does is attract the wrong men into your life.

Real men don’t mind waiting to connect with you physically. To be honest, authentic men will be more than happy to wait until he knows who you really are and what you’re all about. Stop wasting your time and energy on men who can only spare you one hour a week, and give some real men a chance. Want to know more about how to understand men? Then check out my blog at

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