Valentine’s Day gifts you should get YOURSELF if you’re dating a millionaire

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re dating a millionaire, you’re probably stressed about what to get them to show your love and affection. They are the toughest folks to shop for because they can basically buy whatever they want and probably already have anything you’d think to get them. Gah! Stress city! And I hate to add to your pile of stress, but I also want you to think about what to get yourself for Valentine’s Day if you’re dating a millionaire. That’s right, a Valentine’s Day from you to you! You’re important and deserve some self-love and celebrated on February 14th, too! Here’s what I think you need if you’re dating a millionaire.


Get yourself the gift that keeps on giving—the ability to be informed. Get a subscription to the New York Times, the Washington Post and your local paper. Then go ahead and invest in weekly or monthly magazines that will educate you on the historical context of politics and world events. Subscribing to a bunch of high quality publications is a one-time investment that will pay off daily for the entire year. These will help you stay informed on what’s going on in the world and inform your own opinions about important events. That way you can be a formidable debate partner to your millionaire boo and intelligent company in general. Knowledge is power…and makes for a great gift to yourself!

Comfortable heels

Fancy parties and frequent events often come hand in hand with dating a millionaire. As glamorous as these events are, they often involve a lot of standing. And standing in heels is no fun if your tootsies aren’t comfortable. I say go ahead and splurge on a high-end pair of heels for yourself. And I really mean splurge! Shoes are one of the few things in life where quality directly correlates to price, in my opinion. I love designer shoes because they’re gorgeous, but also because they fit my feet so much better. And there’s no price to high for comfort to me! Pick black or a neutral color so you can rock your new designer heels with as many different outfits as possible. With comfortable shoes, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself at these events and you’ll be in a better mood, too! No one’s good company when they’re dealing with blisters and cramped feet!

A vacation

Think about taking yourself on a nice trip without your millionaire. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a millionaire’s life of luxury when you’re dating one. But, it’s important to remember that you had a nice life before the private jets and penthouses, too. Go away with your friends and celebrate your independence and everything you’re able to do for yourself. Being happy in your own life and abilities will make you a much better partner to your millionaire!

At least one person can be checked off your Valentine’s Day gift list—you! And you’re a pretty important person! Now, on to what to get your millionaire…