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5 Things single girls wish you’d stop saying to them

Girl covers her mouthHello my single girls and people who talk to them. Being single isn’t easy. Period. That’s  a fact. I truly believe that everyone is put on this planet to find love. And when you haven’t found your special someone, it can be an icky feeling. What makes it worse is well-meaning people saying completely annoying things to you that make you feel even more single. In an effort to make life for single girls more tolerable and to stop you well-meaning coupled people from saying the wrong thing accidentally, I collected the top five most annoying things single girls are sick of hearing.


“Why are you single?”

This makes it sound like being single is something the single girl chose, or even worse, like being single is somehow her fault. Gorgeous, smart, successful women who are doing all of the right things dating-wise still have their single spells because finding love isn’t easy or instant. Give them a break! They’re trying!


“You’re too picky”

Um, no. Every single girl is entitled to her five non-negotiables. And every girl should end up with a partner she thinks is fantastic, not some schlub she settled for. Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist, but Mr. Perfect-for-her certainly does. Don’t try to convince her to date someone who’s below her standards.


“What are you waiting for?”

Hello? Isn’t it pretty clear what she’s waiting for? The right guy! Duh to the max here, people!


“I have a guy for you. I don’t know him that well, but…”

When I was single, I welcomed set ups from close friends who had potential matches for me. But, as a matchmaker, I take offense to the idea that two people should be set up together just because they’re both single. Chemistry is based on a whole lot more than that!


“Didn’t invite you because it was a couples thing and you’d feel weird”

This is why being single feels lonely! You get left out of fun stuff because people assume you’ll be uncomfortable. Do you know what feels even weirder than being a fifth wheel? Sitting home alone because all of your friends are hanging out together without you! Why not invite your single friends to everything and let them decide what might feel weird, k?


Single girls, what did miss here? Anything else you’re sick of hearing. Let me know in the comments!


6 Responses to 5 Things single girls wish you’d stop saying to them

  1. Christina says:

    Thank you for writing this, Patti! Do you have any advice or recommendations on how to answer that dreaded “Why are you still single” question?

  2. Zenith A Walker says:

    Don’t forget “You’ve gotta put yourself out there.”

  3. Jeanette Hedley says:

    “When you stop trying to find someone, that’s when it’ll happen.”

  4. Charlotte Townshend says:

    From my younger cousin, when I found out she’d just gotten engaged and had the entire family trying to keep it from me: “Don’t feel bad, it will happen for you!” *hand pat*

    Um, I don’t feel bad. I’m getting a Ph.D, you teach a high school SEWING class in the 21st century. If it happens for me, great, but unlike YOU I have things of value and accomplishment in my life and don’t need to compensate by jumping into matrimony.

  5. Melissa Limasse says:

    Every. Freaking. Time.

  6. Melissa Limasse says:

    In addition to everything under “Why are you still single?” I would like to add that this question makes it sound like being single is something bad, that something is wrong with you because you’re single. That’s by far the most annoying and obnoxious thing to ask. Single people don’t ask their married friends why they’re still married.

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