Rachel and Destin

Paddle balls: Breaking up and making up

Makin' Love with Rachel and DestinBack and forth. Back and forth. The never-ending cycle of breaking up and making up and breaking up again is almost always a bad idea. Here’s the thing and the rule of thumb — there’s a reason why you broke up in the first place. Why would you want to go back?

Fellas: No matter how great the sex was, is it worth the drama? Ladies: No matter how much you don’t want to be alone, do you really want the zero over the future hero?

How many times can your heart be broken and be glued back together again before it’s permanently damaged? Going back is just not a good idea. Keep it new. Keep it fresh and leave the used car on the lot!

Here are five things to remember to help keep you from repeating bad habits in your moments of weakness:

  1. The main reason you broke up in the first place. What led you to the decision to leave? Was it cheating? Abuse? Disconnect? Sexual? Or was it simply irreconcilable differences? Whatever it was, it was reason enough to break up.
  2. How much it hurt when you broke up. Think of all those nights you spent crying, hurt, drowning your sorrows and leaning on family and friends for support. You’ve gone through recovery — is it really worth the risk of falling off again?
  3. How often do people really change? Have you changed? That answers that.
  4. Was it really that good the first time? You’ve seen that movie already — do you need to see it again? You know how it ends. Badly.
  5. Respect and love yourself.
  6. Never, ever settle. Be the best you — because you deserve nothing but the best.

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