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AskJustin: Strip clubs and getting back with the ex

Ask Justin Bird

If a guy is really into strip clubs does that make him a dog?

Some men at strip clubs feel like 6-year-old boys at Disneyland on the night before Christmas. This is completely okay as we are men remember? One word to keep in mind: Moderation!

The first question I want to ask is how often? If it’s any more frequent than five-ish times a year, then I would be concerned and raise a red flag. If a man goes to a strip club for special occasions (bachelor parties or birthdays), then it is completely normal.

Is the man married, single, taken? A married man should limit his attendance to special occasions, while a single man gets a free pass.

I hardly remember the last time I went to one and I’m not going to say I didn’t like it. Everything from Bubbles sitting on my lap to Destiny dry humping the stage, I felt like I needed to swan dive into a pool of sanitizer.

Just like everything in life, there is always the other side of things. Women go to strip clubs too. How about “Thunder Down Under” in Las Vegas? Feel guilty now? 😉

A man who frequents strip clubs = STAY AWAY!


We’ve all heard the saying, “Ex’s are ex’s for a reason!” Why do people get back with their exes?

Comfort, thinking there is no one else out there perfect for them, loneliness or thinking they can work it out. These are all common mistakes people make by dwelling on them, which can be overcome if we would focus our energy only on the positives and see what greener pastures lye ahead.

It’s easier said than done because ending relationships cut deep no matter what side of the fence you are on.

Odds are you broke up for a logical reason, things were not meant to be or perhaps a dramatic event took place like cheating or someone had to move to a geographical location not conducive to dating.

Generally, the one time I believe that it is ok to get back together would be if the relationship originally ended due to distance, but then was rekindled when either party moved close by each other.

Getting back with your ex is like spraying perfume/cologne on your stinky clothes over and over again thinking its not going to stink anymore.
Use stitches instead of a band-aid to stop the bleeding, heal-up, and move on to the next.

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