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5 Signs your boyfriend is bad news

A woman contemplates whether he boyfriend is not right for herAre you wondering if your boyfriend is less of a Prince Charming and more of a Gargamel? (Yeah, I just used a Smurfs reference. You know you love it!) From experience, I can tell you that if you’re not sure if your man is bad news, then he probably is. I know, that’s tough to hear. But, I’m a big believer in a woman’s intuition. If you’ve potentially got the icks for your man, it probably is because he’s icky. Just in case you need some more specific guidance than that, here are five signs your man could be bad news.


  1. Your friends hate him

    I know, I know. Friend approval isn’t everything. And friends certainly can be wrong. (For example, I remember when my besties all decided to get into the gaucho pants trend. So, so wrong!) But, if all of them hate your man, it’s a red flag worth exploring. And I mean hate, not just don’t want to hang out with him one on one or think he’s a little bit dorky.

  2. You’re not present on his social media presence

    If your man won’t friend you on social media, never mentions you in his feeds or has his profile on privacy lock down, it’s because he’s hiding something. And that something is probably major. I knew this guy who wouldn’t let anyone write on his Facebook wall because he was sleeping with several girls at once and he knew that with open wall access, one of them could blow his entire man-whore operation. You’re his girlfriend and your presence in his social media should reflect that.

  3. You hide things from him

    Being afraid to be your true self around your partner is a real problem.

    Do you feel like you need to hide things from your boyfriend—like your spending, hanging out with your friends or aspects of your personality—because you know he’ll flip out? Being afraid to be your true self around your partner is a real problem. You shouldn’t be intimidated by your man. If anything, he should make you feel more like yourself rather than less.

  4. You constantly make excuses for him

    Do you always find yourself explaining away his behavior to your friends, family and even yourself? If your man is so off that you can’t tell the full truth about him to your closest loved ones, think twice about making him your one true love. Something fishy is going on with him.

  5. He tells you to relax

    “Relax, babe,” is one of the most freaking annoying sentences I’ve ever heard. I hate, hate, hate when a man says it to me. It completely devalues anything I’m saying or feeling at the time. You want a guy who helps you through emotional issues and makes you feel special. Not someone who tells you to relax and ignores your very valid emotions.

Anyone out there ever dated a bad news boy? Tell me how you figured it out and how you ended it in the comments.