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Put the Phone Down

woman distracted by her iphoneWhen you drive down Washington Boulevard in West LA the beautiful, snow-covered San Berndino Mountains frame the city’s skyline. Those mountains are breath taking.

But West LA is full of over priced disgusting buildings. It kills the mood. You’re drilling around sunset. The mountains catch your eye. It’s serene and peaceful. Than the ugly buildings come into view. It ruins the journey.

What does this have to do with finding a man?

When we’re more aware of our surroundings, when we’re more aware of what’s going on we can start to notice all the men we didn’t see as options.

In your day-to-day life men are like mountains. They’re constantly appearing in front of your eyes. The problem is most women don’t acknowledge it. Most women’s heads are buried in virtual mountains.

The cellphone glued to your hand is keeping you from finding the man of your dreams. How can you tell if a guy is checking out when you’re buried in your phone?

We spend so much time preoccupied with other things. We’re the most distracted society in the world.

I’m always telling you guys to be on the look out. You never know where you might find the one. I understand it’s tempting to quickly answer an email, or check Facebook, or even catching up with the news.

We live in a time where all the world’s information is at our fingertips. Wherever we go, the internet is available. We can stream entire television series in seconds. Of course we’re distracted.

But that phone isn’t going to help you land a man. Swiping right doesn’t guarantee a match. Usually it means you like the photo.

Put your phone down. Look around at the options in front of you.

So if you start noticing the mountains that are in front of you, your dating life is going to appear like magic. Now you can see all the guys you’ve been walking by.

Just like the mountain every man you meet is going to be breath taking. Some might be impossible to climb. The bottom line is if you start becoming more aware of everything, from the supermarkets, to coffee shops, to the bookstore, everywhere you go.

If you want to find the right guy, you need to work for it. Technology has made it so easy. We expect these new apps to bring the love of our life directly to us. No work. A mathematical equation will solve all the difficulties of dating.

Some people do find love online. But I still believe in the old fashion way of meeting people. A face-to-face interaction is so much more personal.

How would you like to tell people you met your soul mate?

By swiping right?

Or would you prefer the romantic story. Perhaps you met in a bookstore while reaching for the last copy of the bestseller. Maybe you met while in line at Starbucks. You met and the rest was history.

If you start becoming aware of the mountains where you are you will start seeing men as mountains.

So next time you see a man amongst all the ones you’re not attracted to, just like the buildings on Washington Boulevard, smile at him, make yourself open, warm, and available.

Guess what will happen?

The man will start talking. The man will smile back. You’ll start building that social life again and maybe meet a really amazing guy.

That’s what it’s all about, becoming self-aware. To discover how to understand and speak a man’s language when you do run into that “special guy” check out my video on “How To Speak Man