The Love Report

‘Summer Lovin’, Had Me Some Fun.

You remember the movie ‘Grease’.

The song, Summer Lovin’, had me a blast.

Anyway, it was something that Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta sang

to each other.

Today, in the Love Report, David and I talked about some of our favorite

summer memories.

What it was like and why dating is so much different in the summer.

It’s literally a walk down memory lane, but also some groundbreaking tips

for you to be able to attract love this summer.

Because you know, no matter how much David and I enjoy sharing about

ourselves, our past, our future and our present…

We always make sure that we give you plenty of tips to find love,

especially in the summer time.

Summer is so much fun.

Summer to me is… well, you got to listen to the podcast today to really

hear about some of our favorite summer escapades, and let me tell you

something, we both confessed some really funny stuff.

We’ll see you on The Love Report.

Patti out.