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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be A Hesitant Kisser

kissToday I want to talk to you about kissing.

That amazing moment when two people connect physically for the first time. The magic, the fireworks, and sometimes…the awkwardness.

The other night I went out to dinner with a good friend of mine. I asked him about the new girl he’s seeing. “Well….” He started.

When a man says, “Well…” and smiles before he’s telling you about a girl you know there’s a back-story.

So I said, “What’s the well all about?”

He looked at me and said, “She has this weird hesitant kissing style.”

“Is she a ‘windshield wiper kisser’?” I asked him.

For those of you who don’t know what a windshield wiper kisser is, it’s someone who literally kisses like a windshield wiper. The problem is, it isn’t a windshield wiper during a heavy rainstorm. It’s a windshield wiper when the water just mists from the sky.

Your wipers come on very slowly, and scrape along the glass making that horrible “Waa waa” noise. He laughed and said, “That’s exactly it!”

She’s so hesitant about how she kisses. What’s up with that?

Look, I get that the first kiss can be a little awkward. You never know what each other’s kissing style is going to be. But here are 3 reasons you need to avoid being a hesitant kisser…

1. It Feels Like You Don’t Want To Kiss Us
I know you don’t want a tongue coming at you like heavy duty windshield wipers in a storm. There’s nothing worse than that feeling like you’re gagging on someone’s tongue. But we do need a little bit of action, and reaction, to know you’re into it. Just a little more tongue, and a little more force.

2. We Want To Know You Match Our Style
When a man kisses you, you want to kiss him in the same way. The more you match each other’s kissing style, the better the kiss is going to be. But more importantly you’re going to make him desperate to see you again. We all know how important a first kiss is, but we have to learn and mimic each other’s style.

3. It’s Sexy
Men love a woman who isn’t afraid to open up sexually. Obviously we’re not talking about instantly grabbing at our pants or anything but a passionate first kiss shows us you’re open. It allows us to feel your sexual energy, and we need to feel that if we’re going to be attracted to you.

Relax, open up, and enjoy your first kiss. Some will be fireworks and passion, others will be like being back in middle school and didn’t really know what you were doing.

A great first kiss, can lead to that amazing relationship you’ve been craving!

Photo credit: Pochestorie / CC BY