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5 Changes you need to make to have a New Year’s Eve kiss

New Year’s Eve is creeping up on us and I think, in general, the sentiment is to dread New Year’s Eve, especially when you’re single. I know that I do the years that I’m single. It feels like there’s so much expectation tied up in the night and so little you can do to impact how the evening goes. Well, I’m here to tell you that, despite how it feels, you actually can do quite a bit to impact how your evening goes. Here are the changes you need to make right away so you can choose from your pick of suitors to spend New Year’s Eve with. Read more

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be A Hesitant Kisser

Today I want to talk to you about kissing. That amazing moment when two people connect physically for the first time. The magic, the fireworks, and sometimes…the awkwardness. Read more

Lip color that lasts through the night

So, you've made it to date night! Your outfit and hair are prepared to withstand whatever the night may hold - your lip color should be too. Here are 4 lippies to consider for getting fade, budge, and smudge-free wear no matter what your plans are. Read more

10 Surefire Ways To Get Asked On A 2nd Date

Couple sits on their second date
Last week we focused on how despite having great chemistry with someone, there are still dating behaviors that could keep you from moving forward to date number two. This week, let’s take a more positive approach and look at the top 10 ways to make sure you get asked on that 2nd date. Read more

First Kiss: The Dating Experiment. Is chemistry enough?

Has anyone out there not seen the First Kiss video?  A US clothing brand got 20 people together and filmed them kissing for the first time in front of a camera. It was mesmerising, steamy and quite beautiful. However, the people doing the kissing were models, actors and singers - extremely good looking and not exactly a genuine representation of how awkward, messy, or intimate a first kiss with someone can be. Read more

10 Tips: Kiss Like you Mean It

Pouting lips get ready for a kiss
Some people never learn how to kiss. Or at least they never learn how to adapt their kissing style. You know the ones, their tongues dart down your throat or flaps weakly in your mouth. They kiss you with clenched lips or they open their mouth so wide your face is suctioned into their gaping mouth. It’s not too late to learn how to kiss with style. Here are 10 tips on how to give the perfect kiss. Read more