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10 Surefire Ways To Get Asked On A 2nd Date

Couple sits on their second dateLast week we focused on how despite having great chemistry with someone, there are still dating behaviors that could keep you from moving forward to date number two. This week, let’s take a more positive approach and look at the top 10 ways to make sure you get asked on that 2nd date.

  1. Be Respectful & Responsive

    It is important to be responsive to phone calls and texts pre date, especially while setting up the details of where and when you will be meeting. No one wants to be left hanging for hours, so return calls promptly. Get over the “rules” that mislead women into thinking they will look desperate if they return a call too soon. Those rules do not work unless you want to snag a player! Good guys want to know you are interested. I have been told by many of my clients that they don’t want to go on a date anymore because the woman took too long to get back to them.

  2. Look Your Best

    Break out your best outfit and put some effort into your appearance. Ladies, you should always choose a skirt or dress over pants for a date.  By putting some extra effort into how you look you’ll feel more confident, and your date will be impressed that you took time to look nice for them. Give them something to compliment you about!

  3. Be on Time

    Showing up late to your date isn’t the way to show someone you care, so arrive on time. Arriving any later than 10 minutes is not acceptable. Dates hate sitting alone and waiting for you to arrive. Wouldn’t you?

  1. Smile + Flirt

    When you greet your date offer a huge smile, make eye contact, and continue this friendly demeanor throughout the night. Making eye contact and staying focused on your date is a must. Don’t let your eyes wander, especially to look at other prospects. Give your undivided attention as if your date was the only person in the room. Everyone loves to feel special.

  2. Offer a Compliment

    Offering a compliment is a fantastic way to kick off the night. Something like: “I’m so glad you picked this restaurant, I’ve been wanting to try it!” or “ I love the suit you are wearing.” is a great way to show your interest and make your date feel comfortable.

  3. Stay Positive

    Keeping the vibe on your date upbeat is so important, especially on the first few dates. Stick to fun and lighthearted conversation. Be curious, ask questions, and stay in the moment. If you have fun together your date will think back on the time they spent with you fondly, and will want to feel that again.

  1. Seduce!

    Seduction is all about having inner confidence, listening to the other person, being curious about them, and understanding their point of view. To turn your seduction ability up a notch for your date take a minute to refer back to my recent article about how to master the art of seduction.

  2. Exude Confidence(not cockiness)

    Being confident and comfortable in your skin is extremely attractive. On your date stay positive, happy, and show that you can be independent as well as attentive to your date at the same time. Walk in with your head up high, shoulders back, and a big smile. A strong handshake or kiss on the cheek goes a long way.

  3. Seal it with a Kiss

    If you feel there is good chemistry, and the opportunity presents itself naturally, then it’s okay to go for the kiss! You’ve probably heard Patti mention this to her clients on Millionaire Matchmaker, and she’s right. A kiss at the end of a great date can seal the deal and confirm if there is chemistry between you.

  4. Follow Up

    The way you end the date and follow up afterwards is key in securing the next date. Make sure to thank your date and let them know that you had a lovely time. The day after a date it is perfectly okay to send a quick text or email saying thank you again for the fabulous time and it was wonderful to meet you. Keep it short and sweet. Don’t be afraid to be appreciative of the nice time you had.

    Ladies: if a guy asks to see you again and you had a nice time, say yes! You don’t want to be one of those over booked gals that you have to schedule a date with weeks in advance. You will lose the momentum as well as your date’s interest.

    Gents: if you enjoyed spending time with your date it’s okay to say you would like to see them again that same night. One of the biggest things people find attractive is if someone likes them. We all want to be liked and paid attention to and women like to be pursued. No three-day waiting game; that’s not the way to show someone you are interested in them.

These are just some of my basic tips. Most importantly, stay optimistic about finding love. If you believe you will find love, have realistic expectations, and are enthusiastic, love will find you when you least expect it!