How to tell if he’s boyfriend material before the first date

bad-first-dateI hear it from every single one of my single friends. “Dating is a complete waste of time.” And I get what you’re saying. After all, I’ve spent my fair share of time single. But, it really doesn’t have to be. You can weed out the losers and freaks and duds way before you even get to that first date with a few simple tips. I’m not saying that I have a magic formula to guarantee every first date turns into true love. No one, not even the best matchmakers in the world, can do that. But, I do know how to tell if someone is boyfriend material before the first date. Here’s how.

Read his messages

I know that they’re just text messages or OKCupid chats, but those first few words you all exchange actually say a lot. If he’s boring in messages, he’s going to be boring in person. If he’s pushy on text, he’s going to be pushy in person. Dirty jokes that make you uncomfortable? If they’re happening before the date, they’re definitely going to happen on the date. Basically, take your red flags where you can get them. If he’s waving one before the date, don’t ignore it. Cancel the date and move on.

Google him

Welcome to 2014, ladies. If you’re not Googling your date before you meet him, you basically don’t care! It’s just standard operating procedure to Google someone before you meet him, especially in a dating scenario. One of my friends found out that an internet date had been arrested for credit card fraud through a simple Google search. Um, no thank you! While I doubt you’re going to find something that incriminating on a guy, check out his social media presence. Another friend realized a guy she went on a first date with uses his Twitter account to retweet pictures of women’s cleavage. She really wishes she knew that before she spent a full dinner with him.

Judge his planning

How did he go about planning the date? Did he take charge, pick a nice place that’s easy for you and set a time? Then, you’re looking at a dude with some serious BF-potential. Did he ask you to plan it? Pick a place by his apartment? Not confirm anything solid until day of? Then, you’re dealing with a guy who isn’t quite ready to deal with a serious relationship. Save yourself the trouble and cancel the date. Wait for a real man who’s really ready to date you.

Is he late?

Are you sitting at the restaurant eating the bread basket even though you’re on a no-carb diet because the guy you’re meeting is 10 minutes late? That’s not good. A man should be there before you and have a table scoped out and a bottle of wine selected before you get to the restaurant. Don’t put too many of your eggs in the basket of someone who can’t show up on time.

Hope that’s helpful, single gals. Your time is valuable and I don’t want you wasting it on men who don’t deserve a single second from you!