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7 Sexy summer date dresses under $100

dressSummer is so close! Memorial Day is right around the corner and you know what that means…summer lovin’! It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or if you’re on the prowl for a new guy, you need some new summer duds to get things simmering in the relationship department. And I’m here to help you! I bopped around the internet and found you seven incredibly sexy dresses that are incredibly affordable. You’re welcome! Here they are.

Madewell’s Silk Overlay Cami Dress
This dress makes getting glitzed up effortless. Can’t you imagine the copper or white color all glammed up with razor sharp heels and tons of gold jewelry when you’re really tan? It would be divine! Also, clearly easy to dress down too. But, that’s not what this post is about! We’re talking summer sexiness!

Banana Republic’s Ruched Jersey Long Dress
This dress is super sexy, but barely shows any skin. So, it can easily be worn to work and then dolled up for a night out with your boo! This fitted mid-calf length and cut feels so classic to me. It’s showing off the shape of your leg big time without showing off much of your actual leg. A curvy girl could rock the hell out of this!

Forever 21’s Deep V-Neck Pleated Dress
I’m pretty sure Kendall Jenner already has this dress. Doesn’t it look like something she (or someone from her squad) would have in their closet? White is a deceptive color. We associate it with purity, but when you put it on a dress this va-va-voom, I know your man is going to be having some thoughts that aren’t exactly pure!

Anthropologie’s Essential Midi Slip
Here’s a barely there dress that’s perfect for super hot summer nights. This would be such a simple thing to throw on for a last minute night out. Leave your hair down so you can feel it on your back all night. That always makes me feel sexy and powerful!

Banana Republic Shirred Faux-Wrap Dress
Look at the killer waist this dress gives you. I swear, a wrap dress like this can make any body look like an hourglass figure. I’d wear this with a necklace that dangles by my cleavage and make sure to hike the skirt up a bit when I sit. Your man will go crazy!

Forever 21’s Stretch Knit Trapeze Dress
If you belted this dress, it would turn into a cute mini skater skirt situation with some boho flair, which would be equal parts adorable and sexy. Warning: You need to have legs for days to pull this off. So, either be born a supermodel, or fake those legs with some mega-high heels that are your skintone.

H&M’s Jersey Dress
This dress is the perfect LBD to add to your collection. It’s conservative enough to be worn to any kind of event, but it’s definitely little and with the right accessories, can be a total date night stand out!

Happy shopping and dating, ladies! Let me know what you buy in the comments!