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5 Amazing date dresses on sale right now

dress for saleIf you know me, you know the only thing I love more than watching my clients fall in love is a good deal. I clip coupons, stalk sale racks and obsess over finding the perfect happy hour. Knowing that I got something a little cheaper makes it all the sweeter for me. And that obviously goes for clothing. I was looking for some new clothes online (I live and die by online shopping) and found some amazing dresses that would be perfect for dates in the sale sections of some of my favorite stores. Since I’m not in the market for dresses right now (I’m on a shoe binge!), I thought I’d pass on the finds to my favorite people on the internet, you ladies! Enjoy!

Adrianna Papell Pleated Jersey Blouson Dress, $92.46
The bottom half on this is my favorite type of dress, a bandage dress. The top is a lot more conservative. It would be perfect for a woman with a badonk she likes to show off, but a little less up top and she wants to keep that part hidden!

Piperlime Collection Cutout Dress, $59.97
Have you heard the sad news? Piperlime is closing its virtual doors for good! It was one of my favorite online stores of all time. Sadness! The one bright spot is that they’re having massive sales on everything in stock. This cut out dress is so secretly sexy. That one like sneak peek of skin really cranks up the wow factor of an otherwise very innocent looking little dress.

Parvana Sweater Dress, $219
I know this is still pricey, but think of all of the money you’re saving when you look at the original price! (If my financial advisor is reading this, look away! I know this isn’t how you like me to think…and it’s only going to get worse.) This dress could easily work for the office with a little cardigan buttons to hide the cut out and then remove it and hello, date night!

Sloan-Fit Sheath, $84.99
This dress might seem a little conservative for a date night, but if you get it in the bold poppy color, it’s totally eye catching. And it’s got the whole sexy secretary thing going on, which every man loves.

Ruffled Wrap Dress by HD in Paris, $49.95
This is the perfect dress for a casual day date. It’s long and loose enough that you can even ride a bike in it. But, it’s so lady like and flirty that it will drive your dude crazy! Plus, I think a cool teal tone looks good on everyone!

Happy shopping, my lovely ladies. Buy something fabulous for me!