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4 Things every single girl needs in her closet

single girl goes through her closetHello my single ladies! I wanted to write some especially for you because I’ve been spending a lot of time with my favorite single friends recently. I get a lot of questions from my singles on how to prepare for a special first date. The trick actually isn’t to prepare for a first date. It’s to set yourself up to be prepared for any and all first dates that come your way. You don’t want to be freaking out with prep work when a cute guy asks you out! You want to be ready to jump at an opportunity with a hottie. So, here’s how to prep your closet to be ready for any kind of first date.


Active wear

I love actually doing something of a first date. Dinner and drinks can get so boring after a while, right? Activities like hiking, indoor rock climbing or even walks on the beach can make finding a connection with a dude so much easier than a stuffy dinner with a waiter interrupting every 15 minutes. Be prepared when a guy suggests something active with a cute workout ensemble that you feel confident in. I used to only work out in junky t-shirts and old, ratty shorts. Not a great date look. Invest in a cute pair of capris and a matching tank. Also, make sure you like your gym shoes and get ankle socks. As much as it would kill ‘90s Patti to know that I think this now, I’m going to say it. Nothing’s less attractive than scruntch socks. Also grab a sweatshirt or zip-up that’s nice enough to feel comfortable in a casual dining restaurant. If the activity goes well, you’ll probably want to extend the date for a meal and you don’t want to look like a sweat monster at the table.


A low-cut shirt

Never underestimate the power of a low-cut top to keep a man’s attention. Find one that you feel comfortable in and wear the heck out of it! You can pair it with jeans for a casual date or a pencil skirt and heels for something more upscale. A little cleavage goes a long way!


A form-fitting dress

Please read the above carefully. Not just any old dress. You need a dress that shows off every single one of your curves. Sundresses are cute and A-line skirts have their place too, but neither should be worn on a first date. If you’re really looking to make a man’s heart skip a beat when you walk into the room, put on a form fitting dress. Bandage dresses are my absolute favorite. I think they hold you in and show you off in a perfectly feminine way.


Winter coat

I know, I know. What the eff is a winter coat doing on this list? Hear me out. What good is a great low-cut shirt or a sexy dress when you have to bundle up in a coat that makes you look and feel like the Goodyear blimp? Go out and find a coat that keeps you warm and makes you feel hot. Now is the perfect time of year to buy a coat because they’re all on sale. Find one that comes in at the waist and looks feminine. You’ll feel a million times more confident going on a cold weather date in a great coat than you will in a bulky puffer jacket.


Happy shopping, single ladies!