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Dress like a millionaire in whites that last way past Labor Day

Labor Day is coming up. And while the end of summer traditionally means the end of your warm weather white ensembles, it totally doesn’t have to! White can be a year round color in your wardrobe if you pick the right pieces. In fact, I think year round white is a very classy style and can make anyone look like a millionaire if you do it right. So, I did some digital window shopping (and maybe did some actual shopping for myself on a few of these pieces... I couldn’t help myself!) and pulled out Read more

5 Amazing date dresses on sale right now

If you know me, you know the only thing I love more than watching my clients fall in love is a good deal. I clip coupons, stalk sale racks and obsess over finding the perfect happy hour. Knowing that I got something a little cheaper makes it all the sweeter for me. And that obviously goes for clothing. I was looking for some new clothes online (I live and die by online shopping) and found some amazing dresses that would be perfect for dates in the sale sections of some of my favorite stores. Since I'm not in the market for dresses right now (I'm on a shoe binge!), I thought I'd pass on the finds to my favorite people on the internet, you ladies! Enjoy! Read more

4 Things every single girl needs in her closet

Hello my single ladies! I wanted to write some especially for you because I’ve been spending a lot of time with my favorite single friends recently. I get a lot of questions from my singles on how to prepare for a special first date. The trick actually isn’t to prepare for a first date. It’s to set yourself up to be prepared for any and all first dates that come your way. You don’t want to be freaking out with prep work when a cute guy asks you out! You want to be ready to jump at an opportunity with a hottie. So, here’s how to prep your closet to be ready for any kind of first date. Read more