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4 Things every single girl needs in her closet

Hello my single ladies! I wanted to write some especially for you because I’ve been spending a lot of time with my favorite single friends recently. I get a lot of questions from my singles on how to prepare for a special first date. The trick actually isn’t to prepare for a first date. It’s to set yourself up to be prepared for any and all first dates that come your way. You don’t want to be freaking out with prep work when a cute guy asks you out! You want to be ready to jump at an opportunity with a hottie. So, here’s how to prep your closet to be ready for any kind of first date. Read more

Dressed for Big Breasts

Woman dressed for big breast clothing
The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Having big breasts come with a lot of perks (and if you’re lucky, perkiness), but it also comes with quite a few downsides. The size of your breasts unfortunately dictates a lot of your fashion choices, whether you realize it or not. Here are my tips for dressing with big tits. Read more