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5 White shoes millionaire men should buy their Memorial Day Weekend dates

Memorial Day is fast approaching and if you’re a millionaire man, I bet you have fab plans lined up for the long weekend. You probably also have a fab date set to accompany you. It doesn’t matter if she’s a brand new lady in your life or your wife of 35 years, I can guarantee you that she’d love to get a pair of white shoes to wear over the weekend. Shoes are the best kind of gift because all you need to know is her size. No stressing Read more

Summer shoes millionaires should buy their ladies

Summer is almost here and if that isn’t an occasion to celebrate your number one lady, I don’t know what is! Getting your gal a “just because” gift will earn you major brownie points. And it’s a fantastic way to kick off the new season. Shoes are always an appreciated gift. So, I picked a few out that I think just about any lady would love. Read more

7 Luxury fashion gifts every woman dreams of

If you’re newly dating a woman and deciding what to get her for your first big token of affection, go with something she can wear. Every woman would adore adding a brand new piece of designer clothing to her wardrobe. And what’s great is that clothing says that you’re very into her without the commitment signal that’s associated with jewelry. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good piece of jewelry, but it’s not always appropriate, especially early in a relationship. Designer duds, though? Always appropriate. Here are seven fabulous gifts that I’m 100% your lady with love. Read more

7 Sexy summer date dresses under $100

Summer is so close! Memorial Day is right around the corner and you know what that means…summer lovin'! It doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or if you're on the prowl for a new guy, you need some new summer duds to get things simmering in the relationship department. And I'm here to help you! I bopped around the internet and found you seven incredibly sexy dresses that are incredibly affordable. You're welcome! Here they are. Read more

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Woman tries on dress in the mirror

Who has the fairest changing room lighting of them all?

Trust me—you’ll need a filtered lens to find a well-lighted fitting room in this country. We’ve all been there. As you race to the dressing room, maneuvering an armful of the latest fashions, take heed. Even a fit, toned, and tanned woman with nary an ounce of body fat can fall victim to a bout of low self-esteem when she sees herself in the halogen lighting and funhouse mirrors provided in the typical dressing room, including those in high-end shops. Read more