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What A Rich Man Sees When You’re Naked

201232774_989b38a97bWhen it comes to the view of a rich man, one thing is for sure: All women aren’t created equal. Unlike the everyday guy, a rich man is not typically attracted to beauty in all shapes and sizes.

After reading this recently published article, What A Man Truly Sees When You’re Naked (Its Not What You Think) I felt compelled to reveal what I have learned after close to twenty years working with wealthy men. After reading all this commentary that people are posting about what men think of a woman’s vagina, what men want in bed, and what a man sees when a woman is naked, I must say that the reality is that a rich man is very different than a regular guy. So, gals, if you want a relationship with a millionaire, here’s the scoop.

A rich man sees your imperfections.

Indeed, imperfections can be beautiful, but not to a rich man. Of course, this is not necessarily the case for every guy, but it is for the one percent of the guys that have a ton of money. Fair or not, this is how their brain works. Many times, I’ve worked with clients who find a woman really attractive, and then after they see her naked, they complain that she has “junk in the trunk” and various other issues that are not noticeable to the human eye. For example, one of my clients said that throughout his life, he rated women before he slept with them. In certain scenarios, some women he slept with went from an 8 to at 2! Although I don’t typically respond to my clients’ personal disclosures emotionally, this shocked me!

Rich men notice every detail, even more than you’d ever imagine.

Some women think men don’t notice the details. This couldn’t be father from the truth for wealthy men. They didn’t get rich by ignoring the details! A rich man wants the fantasy–the perfect woman from head to toe. He’ll notice everything from her curves to her grooming to the way she takes off her lingerie. (Note: You better not be wearing granny panties if you want to snag a millionaire’s heart!) To put it simply, the rich man feels entitled to the best of the best. It’s no surprise that he wants the girl who is not only a model but went to Harvard and is super-loving, nurturing, and kind. Yes, not only is a rich man more critical of women than the average Joe, but his standards are much more narrow and less realistic in the normal world.

There you have it, ladies. I’m just the messenger, and the message is loud and clear. Rich men are more judgmental than the men the average girl is used to, and they do look at women differently. Keep in mind, everyone: I’m not judging either side of this. I’m just letting you know my personal experience in the last twenty years as a matchmaker. Also, I am very aware that it’s not 100% of men, and maybe a large majority of men that go to matchmakers are more picky than the general male population. Even still, from what I’ve heard from my clients and non-clients who are in the world of money, there are a lot more perfectionists in the scene!

If you want a man with money, be prepared for a more hyper-critical viewing of your naked body. If you can handle it, by all means, enjoy the perks of dating a rich man. Who knows, you may even get lucky with a different type of rich man! The positive news is that because it’s not 100% of rich men, you could find a rich a guy who is less detail-oriented and/or critical. I do know some really great guys who are exceptions to the rule who will love a woman because she’s a great woman. However, if you don’t want to subject yourself to potential judgment, just go out and find the everyday guy who will love you just the way you are.

Photo credit: mahalie / CC BY