What To To When You Don’t Get Your Friend’s Boyfriend

7045392035_7439e79cb4_nHave you all heard the latest rumor that Ed Sheeran is dating Nicole Scherzinger. Yeah, you read that correctly. The 24-year-old ginger slow jam crooner is supposed to be romantically linked to the 37-year-old professional sexpot and front lady of the Pussycat Dolls. Who knows if it’s true? Well, I mean, I guess they do. And I know from personal experience that tabloids will basically print anything, without any regard for how real the news is. True or not, it got me thinking about what to do when your friend is dating someone who flat out confuses you. In this case, I bet friends of Nicole and Ed would be scratching their heads trying to make sense of this duo. Here’s what to do if you’re in that situation.

Ask what your friend likes about their boo

If you’re not sure why your friend is dating someone, it’s totally OK to ask. Just be careful about how you frame it. You don’t want to go in aggressively and demand a list of reasons for why they let this new stranger into their life. But, people who are newly dating someone love talking about it. You can certainly ask what makes this new person so fabulous and what in particular draws your pal to this newb. Once you hear the reasons, you might get their relationship a little bit more.

Try to get to know their bae

A really great way to figure out why this guy or gal is so special to your friend is to develop your own relationship with them. That way you’ll get a sense first hand. You don’t have to immediately jump into a BFF-ship with this person. It can start slowly just by including the new person in things you typically do alone with your friend. Or you could do more coupley activities with them if you’re in a relationship, too. With time and exposure, you might start to see for yourself exactly why this relationship is so great for your friend.

Focus on their happiness

Alright, let’s say you do the two above things and you still don’t get this pairing. That’s fine. You don’t have to approve of or even understand everything your friends do. But, you do need to support the big decisions in their lives. So, think about how happy your friend is in this new relationship. Let that happiness be what you focus on when you think about this new couple instead of the weirdness of the pairing. Truly, all you want is for your friends to be happy, right? Even if what it takes to get them there isn’t what you’d pick, just enjoy one of your favorite people finding happiness.

I hope your friend truly is happy with this new person and if this dating rumor is true, all the best to Nicole and Ed. Even if it’s not, the best to them separately!

Photo credit: kimdokhac / CC