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Questions to ask yourself when your friends say you’re too picky

Finding the right balance in romance is tough. We all know no one is perfect, but we’re been sold this idea that there’s someone out there who’s perfect for us. Honestly, that’s not true. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about true love, but I know that love is never perfect. Even the best relationships involve some compromise Read more

What to do when your man and your besties don’t mix

Let me paint you a picture: Your life was almost perfect – great job, great friends, great family. All you needed was a great guy and it would be 100% perfect. Then, you finally meet him. It’s dreamy all the way from your first date until the big friend meet and greet. It’s not a disaster, but it’s just not full of laughter, smiles or connections Read more

How to tell him his friend sucks

Being in a relationship with your boo means that you’re connected to his friend group. There are a lot of potential benefits there – new friends, great parties, exposure to interesting perspectives. There are also some potential negatives, like spending time with someone who sucks. If there’s someone in his friend group who truly sucks – and I mean truly sucks, not just someone you don’t like, but a bad dude – here’s exactly how to tell him. Read more

How to be a good friend during a fertility struggle

The science and medicine that goes into extending fertility and helping couples or singles have babies when nature isn’t supporting their baby-making is truly amazing. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy for anyone who goes through it. Fertility struggles are tough on emotional, physical and hormonal levels. If you have a friend dealing with a fertility struggle, it can be difficult to know how to be a good friend, especially if you haven’t gone through this scenario yourself. Here are my tips on how to do it. Read more

Is your family waving a relationship red flag you shouldn’t ignore?

One of my best friends just came to me with a crisis. She brought her new beau home and her sister didn't like him. Just flat out said "nope" to this new guy. Her sister said the newbie reminded her too much of my friend's horrible ex and that my friend is going to fall into the same dud dude trap again. Woof! That's tough to hear, right? My friend is really into this man and thinks he's nothing like her icky ex. But, she's freaking because she's not sure if she should listen to her sister. Read more

Travel with your new boo before you hit three months

New relationships are fun and sexy and exciting. They’re also one extended test. Don’t cringe at the word “test,” though! (Or do, but stick with me, please!) I’ve witnessed so many of my friends not treat their new relationships as a test and I just have to say something in case you’re doing the same thing. Instead of starting something with a new man and testing it out to see if this relationship works for her, I’ll often see my friend transition into “needing to make it work” Read more