How to tell if your friends actually do like your man

friendsIn an ideal world, you have a gaggle of the world’s best friends and then you meet the world’s best guy and everyone gets along perfectly and you’re part of the world’s best squad. Hello, #squadgoals! Well, I’m sorry to be the one to report that squad goals like that are more squad fantasies than they are reality for most people. The truth is that you’ll often have people in your life that you love and who love you but don’t necessarily love each other. And really, that’s fine. It can even be good. There’s a lot of peace that can come with have separate elements of your life. But, of course you do things differently when your friends like your man and when they don’t. You’d probably arrange group time less frequently and maybe even adjust what you tell your friends about you guy and vice verse. So, it’s important to know if your friends like your man. Here’s how to tell.

They have their own relationships

You know what happens when two people like each other? They form a friendship! DUH! You’ve known that since you made your first friend in the first grade. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise here. Your friends will reach out to your boo and develop a rapport with him independent of you if they’re into him. That doesn’t mean that they’ll hang out and exclude you all the time. It could just mean that they have some inside jokes, your friends take an interest in his career, or they simply wish him a happy birthday on Facebook. If your friends go out of their way to reach out to your man without you facilitating, it’s a good sign that they’re into your boo.

They ask the right questions

If your friends ask you questions about your man, that’s a great indication of them liking him. But, it has to be the right questions. The right questions are ones that don’t relate to your relationship. For example, pestering you about if he’s said I love you yet or if you’re truly happy with him certainly doesn’t count as asking the right questions about him. Or if they ask really judgmental things like questions about his horrible mother or if he has a job yet, also no bueno. But, if they know that he’s up for a promotion at work and follow up on that or if he’s playing in a rec softball league and want to know the outcome of the finals, then you’ve got the right kind of questions that point to the fact that they like him.

He likes them

This street works both ways! Relationships are rarely one sided. So, if your guy is really into your friend group, then there’s a good chance they’re into him. If he feels like he’s getting shade from one of your buddies, he very well could be. Talk to your guy and feel him out. You could learn a lot from a simple conversation!

If you conclude that your pals adore your man or abhor him, you shouldn’t let it impact your relationship with him (or them!) too much. After all, you’re the one dating him, not your friends!