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Top 5 Reasons You Should Marry Your Boyfriend

Engaged couple

  1. He introduces you to his family and friends.

    The red flag is flying high if you have never met his friends or family if applicable.
 #meetmydad #nofriendsnoproblem

  2. He brags about you to anyone who gives him the time of day.

    It doesn’t matter whom he’s talking to, he’s always talking about you. His social media platforms might as well be converted to YOU! This means he thinks you’re amazing, beautiful, special, talented, AND he wants to scream it from the top of a mountain so the whole world can hear. #2become1 #socialmediaromance

  3. He always remembers to do that thing you love in bed.

    What is that thing you ask? That thing that makes pictures fall off the wall, toes curl, eyes roll, neighbors yell and find marks on each other afterwards that you didn’t remember feeling. #nowuknow #XXX

  4. He is not a jealous man.

    Husband material doesn’t automatically mean the laws of attraction vanish once you say your vows. The attractive men and women of the world don’t become unattractive to you overnight. Red flag- if his/her necks break consistently when a seemingly attractive person walks by! #doghouse or #penthouse

  5. He understands that healthy couples are not attached at the hip.

    You as a couple have your own identity outside of your relationship. Alone time or “me time” is very important in lasting relationships. That said, don’t bring him over to watch “bachelor night” with your girlfriend’s unless you take lots of pictures of him with a rose in his mouth and send them to his friends. #dontdothat #ammo

Stay tuned for the Top 5 reasons He’s NOT Marriage Material!