Dressed to Date

Top 5 “Detail” Dealbreakers

Guy with bad eyebrows and bow tie Guys, if you haven’t already stepped your game up after reading my posts then I’m here to tell you that you need to step your game up even more. You may know the general things that make us run in the opposite direction (e.g. no job, no car, no nothing), but did you know there are other, smaller details we are also scrutinizing you on? Here are my top five detail deal breakers:

Your car

A lot of guys think women judge them based on the type of car they drive. Wrong. We judge you on how well you take care of your car. If you’re picking me up on a date, take some time and get your car washed. Clean out all the crap that has collected on the floor, remove that old soda can, and buy an air freshener. I could care less if you’re driving a Mazda or a Mercedes as long as it’s clean.

Your bathroom

If you’re having a woman over, I beg you to clean your bathroom. There is nothing more revolting than a dirty toilet bowl, a moldy shower, and a sink that hasn’t seen bleach in years. Also, make sure there’s toilet paper and soap available.  The last thing a woman wants to do when she comes over to a guy’s place is to have to ask for toilet paper.


Look, we wax, tweeze, fill, shape and even thread our eyebrows, so I don’t think it’s asking too much to make sure your brows are reasonable. When I say reasonable, I mean you don’t have a uni-brow, that’s all. If you notice a few stray eyebrow hairs sprouting up in the middle, grab a tweezer and pull those bad boys out. It’s not hard and only mildly painful, I promise.


Long nails and/or dirty nails need not apply.  These are the same nails that may or may not be touching me at some point, so they’d better be well kept. How hard is it to clip your nails? Take ten seconds out of your busy life and trim those suckers down. Also, bonus points if you get a manicure. Men, getting manicures or pedicures does not make you effeminate (you can get your nails done and not get them polished), it makes you a man that gives a shit about his appearance.

Your wallet

When you become a man, you invest in a nice wallet. If you pull out your wallet to pay for dinner and there is any sign of a chain or Velcro, I’m out. Believe me, they sell wallets at places other than Hot Topic.

If you’re really trying to impress a girl, take these things into consideration. After all, Lord only knows all the details we pay attention to in order to impress you.