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The Truth About How Men and Women are Wired

I want to take you on a journey right now to, well, probably the first lesson you ever learned from an adult when it came down to meeting boys and meeting girls. I remember the first time my father and I sat down after I had a crush on somebody in 5th grade and she blew me off. My father was never great with advice at all. As a matter of fact he was one of the worst advisors I have ever had. I told him about my crush, and told him it didn't work and I was all upset, and he looked at me and he said, “Well, girls, women, can't live with them, can't live without them,” and he started laughing. Read more

The Number One Reason Why The Modern Man Is Soft

I was getting an adjustment today at my chiropractor's office and I asked him how his weekend was. He told me he had to go to a baby shower on Sunday. I looked at him and said, “What is up with these co-ed baby showers? How was it?” “Kind of annoying,” he said. “I had to miss my weekly rugby game, which is something that really makes me we feel grounded and makes me feel great. The only benefit was I got to play with this amazing monkey that was there and had a really good time with the monkey.” What is up with the modern baby shower? Read more

3 Reason Why I Love Women

Sitting here tonight I started thinking about why I love women so much and where it all started. My love of women started at a very young age. I loved my mother. I protected my mother. I honored my mother. My mother was batshit crazy, but I loved her. I always made sure she was feeling good. It was my job in the house to make sure my mother was feeling good. Read more

Why Men Pull Away And How To Pull Them Back

So you're dating a guy. On paper things seem to be going fine. Everything is great. You're meeting, you're talking, you're hanging, you're enjoying his company. The attraction is building inside you. You're starting to like him. Alright, maybe you're getting a little nervous. Maybe you have one or two freak out moments. Read more

How Instagram Has Become The New Victoria’s Secret

I remember when I was a teenager. There was the thrill of diving into the dumpster behind my house and pulling out my dad's Playboys that he threw away, and taking them up to my room. Looking at the naked pictures, getting turned on and masturbating. I used to hide my Playboys between the mattress and the box springs, so my mom wouldn’t see them and would never know what I was doing. Read more

Why Men Won’t Commit

If there’s one thing that pains me to hear from my female clients, it’s that the guy they’re dating is scared of commitment. In the dating stage it may look like inconsistent contact, last minute get togethers or booty calls. In a relationship, it may mean waiting to hear “I love you,” not moving in together or not getting engaged. Read more