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The Number One Reason Why The Modern Man Is Soft

modern manI was getting an adjustment today at my chiropractor’s office and I asked him how his weekend was. He told me he had to go to a baby shower on Sunday.

I looked at him and said, “What is up with these co-ed baby showers? How was it?”

“Kind of annoying,” he said. “I had to miss my weekly rugby game, which is something that really makes me we feel grounded and makes me feel great. The only benefit was I got to play with this amazing monkey that was there and had a really good time with the monkey.”

What is up with the modern baby shower?

We don’t make you come to our fantasy football draft, which is like giving birth to a whole team of babies, every single fall.

We don’t really make you watch football on Sunday.

There are some things that I think should keep being for different genders and one of them is the baby shower.

I’ve been to a baby shower and I have to tell you, it was ridiculous.

I didn’t want to ooh and aah over the pink blanket, the little onesie, the rattles that were given out, or the giant stuffed animal.

I was happy for the couple’s upcoming birth of their baby, but I didn’t need to go a baby shower. It’s not exactly a masculine way to spend time. It’s a female bonding tradition. There’s wine. There’s juice. There’s fun. There’s chit-chat. There’s talk about what type of mother you’re going to be.

There’s talk about relationships and how the husband and the men are. It’s a great way for women to bond, so why the hell are we making baby showers co-ed now?

You really want us to be soft now, don’t you?

You want us modern men to share in everything.

I just don’t find it right.

I don’t think we should be involved in everything. I don’t think we should be forced to go to a baby shower. As a matter of fact, I think we should leave some of the gender roles exactly as-is.

Is this just the beginning? It starts with the baby shower.

Imagine we went to a bridal shower.

Imagine we went to Sunday brunch with the girls.

We might as well just be one of the girls at this point because the modern man has become so feminine, it’s ridiculous.

We don’t make you do our things. We don’t make you play golf.

We don’t make you go watch our fantasy football league draft.

We don’t make you do men things, why are we forced to go to the baby shower?

Stop with all these co-ed events.

It starts with the young kids of today. I can see why they’re heading in the direction of accepting co-ed baby showers.

I went to a soccer game the other day with my friend whose son is a great soccer player; the problem is he only got to play half the game because every kid had to play. Even the kids that weren’t really that good, even the girls that were there, they had to play too.

We’re making everything co-ed, because we’re so politically correct about everything. We want everybody to play, and everybody to participate, and everybody to do the same things, but it doesn’t work that way.

As for my chiropractor friend, he should have been out there playing rugby with his friends. His girlfriend should have been at the baby shower. She should’ve enjoyed it. She could’ve come home and talked about it. He didn’t need to be there.

It’s not important for him to be there. It’s not important for us to do everything together. It’s okay to have gender specific events for each sex. It’s okay to have different ways in which each of us bonds with our friends. It’s the right of being a man, and the right of being a woman, and the way that sexes should work out.

What do you think? Leave a comment below. Let me know if you agree or disagree. If you want men to be men, stop inviting them to baby showers. It just doesn’t work.