Rachel and Destin

Sex: It’s gametime!

Rachel and Destin's relationship adviceSo, you’re a few months into the relationship and you’ve noticed that the heat and passion may have slightly fizzled. Not necessarily a drastic change – but maybe you don’t kiss as much as you used to or sex is now once a week, if you’re lucky, and heavy petting is left only for the dogs. You’re simply not putting as much effort into wooing as you used to and its time to inject the fun back into your sex life, before its too late.

Okay kids, Sex Games 101 is now in session. Take off your pants and get ready for a night of fun! (Wait only a night?)

  1. Girls: Take a candlelit bubble bath and put on your sexiest lingerie. Surprise your man by seducing him. He won’t expect it and it will prime the pump for a night of adventure.
  2. Guys: Jump in the shower, put on the Axe (you’ve seen the commercials), and the minute she comes home strip down to your birthday suit and throw her against the wall. You may be surprised by the response.
  3. You’ve heard of naked Twister. Try naked Battleship or Candyland. Hell, you could even play naked Parcheesi! In other words, turn your favorite childhood activity into an adult one… with a mutual prize at the end.
  4. Don’t cook for her often? Make a five course meal. Have fun by feeding her the meal you’ve just made blindfolded. Just make sure dessert is your lips.
  5. Toys! Toys! Toys! We’re not talking vibrators and blowup dolls. We’re talking squirt guns! Have a watergun fight! It’s the quickest way to a wet t-shirt contest.
  6. Massage without touching and see how long you can last. Almost rubbing your fingers over their entire body, breathing your hot breath close to their skin. The anticipation to touch and be touched will heighten sexual tension.
  7. PORN! Put on an adult movie. Whether it turns you on or it is just good for a laugh, the point is you’re doing it together… and maybe trying to do it better.
  8. Baths are not just for kids. Take a bath together even if it’s a tight fit. You’re in charge of cleaning every inch of your mates body! Every inch!
  9. Be the giver. No matter what tonight is about the other. You get nothing in return. Focus your attention on their pleasure and the next day they focus on yours.
  10. Make it naked Saturday! The minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed, you both should have no clothes on. Everything you do in the house must be done naked. Odds are you’ll spend most of that day in bed!


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