What the frock! Summer dresses I’m dying for

Red Parker dress for summer

A man falls for with a woman with his eyes and that’s where a great dress can be your secret weapon. It won’t seal the deal, but the right dress can be enough to catch his eye. Men love anything that flatters a woman’s body and shows off what she’s proud of — and there’s nothing wrong with wearing something sexy to get him to make his way across the room. It’s exactly why I am designing my own date wear line!

In the meantime, I’ve recruited my hot stylist, Mychael Shandra, to tell us what’s sexy for summer and I’m dying over her selections. (Seen right: Parker Drape Dress).

Sexy and silky

I am loving all the sexy, silky dresses. Uneven hem styles show a little extra leg and tease his eye without being too revealing. Even by sticking to a straight hem, the flowing fabric will show your figure and tempt him to touch you. There’s a lady-like appeal that speaks femininity. There are styles that work with almost every body type and you can find them in virtually every color. Though it has a bit of a trendy feel, this is a style that will stick around for years to come and make you look irresistible on date nights. Parker is doing it all right. The leopard print is so chic and you have to have it now (below left).

Mychael Shandra picks hot summer dresses

One-shoulder dresses

I’m also dying for one-shoulder dresses — the sexy cut shows a little skin but keeps the vibe classy. It teases a man’s eye because the cut is a bit unique and unexpected. Ultra-snug, body-hugging styles inspired by Herve Leger can work if you’ve got the figure for it, but be sure to keep the cut conservative and leave the micro-mini for something that’s a little less snug. One super sexy example is by Alice and Olivia (above middle). If you’re hiding a few trouble spots, wear a one-shoulder in a flowing fabric that is a little more forgiving. You can also find maxi styles that modify this look, but make sure the cut is overall more fitted so you don’t hide your curves under piles of fabric. You want to look sexy, right?

Fitted dresses

Speaking of sexy, let’s talk about tight fitted dresses. There’s a tasteful way to do them. You don’t want to go over the top, girls. So if your dress is a bit of a sexpot, downplay the accessories and the makeup so you don’t overwhelm your male prospects. Men like sexy and simple. Naven is a brand that’s getting a lot of attention and their Betty Dress in hot pink is sexy in all the right ways (above right).

The wrap dress, duh!

Classic wrap dresses never go out of fashion in any wardrobe and you can find them at any price, but Diane Von Furstenberg is obviously the queen of the wrap. You can play with how much you want to reveal up top — go vamp or keep it buttoned up as needed. Throw on a pair of hot heels with whatever you choose, but keep the jewelry to a minimum — let him have something to buy you once the romance heats up.