The Love Hunt

Now that you have him, how do you keep him?

couple chained togetherI’m all for being besties with your man, but one must remember to never get too comfortable in any relationship, as that is a slippery slope to taking your partner for granted, and likewise, your partner will also reciprocate that behavior, putting the relationship in a danger zone with a lack of passion and a surplus of boredom.

Here are three main tips to keeping your relationship spicy and making sure that spark between you two stays lit and what you guys had from the beginning stays fresh, ultimately keeping you happy and keeping your man forever yours!

1. Never lose your mystery

I believe a real lady never reveals too much and always keeps something for herself and soul, because keeping a mystery about oneself ensures that the love interest is always surprised and intrigued, thus minimizing the risk of the relationship to face future boredom or lack of interest, the true relationship killers. Maintaining your mystery is crucial to keeping your man interested and intrigued. Not telling him everything under the sun about yourself is a good thing, as not only do men become very drained by too much details in a relationship, they can also lose interest if they feel like there is no more to learn or find out about you. Some great examples of keeping your mystery is perhaps surprising him when you two get home from work with brand new lingerie that he has never seen before or cooking him a meal he didn’t know you knew how to cook. Keep him guessing and pleasantly surprised by you and you can’t go wrong.

2. Always maintain your beauty

Call me vain I don’t care but I know this much is true – men want you to maintain your weight and your beauty and guess what, you should want that for yourself too! So if you’re not trying to look and feel your best then you can’t exactly blame him if he loses interest. As we age we must maintain our beauty, male or female because the truth is, no one wants to date someone who looks as if they have given up on themselves or that they don’t care now that they are comfortably in a relationship. So if you missed the train on always looking and feeling your best – for yourself – then at least do it for the man who loves you. This means cannot forget about yourself and must always work to look your very best to maintain the sexual attraction between you two and keep him intrigued, hey we all have to try, even super models, so get at it!

3. Make sure he’s always courting you

Let him court you, and if he’s not, make him! First, let’s be honest here, you’re not a girl if you don’t want to be treated like a princess and be courted right and left! And letting the guy be the guy and courting you is very healthy for a relationship. Courting can really benefit relationships as it sets guidelines for what is expected and acceptable while giving structure to a relationship and allowing for masculine/feminine roles to really interact with one another. As old fashioned as I may sound, it’s ingrained in us to play such roles: Men love to take care of and protect the woman, while women love to feel safe and protected. Courting reinforces for both sexes both their femininity and their masculinity. Basically, courting allows for the women to feel feminie and the men to feel manly. This is not only fun it keeps the romance alive and helps minimize the chances of anything fading between the two of you. Moreover, women who take too much control and don’t let the man open a door for her or pay her meal is really risking emasculating their man and slowly losing him.

So hopefully today you learned if you did not already know, that those who play together stay together, so focus on your relationship and the role you play in it, and make sure he is too, so that you guys can stay fresh and always have that special spark you had when you first met, ensuring that once you find him, you keep him. These rules really aren’t that difficult to implement into your life and relationship so give it a try, girl you know what to do. 😉