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What’s Too Soon for Sex?

All of you know me from the show, hear me say ‘No Sex Without Monogamy’. Yet why does it seem like so many women think that by spreading their legs they are going to be able to get the man to commit? Do you really think having sex with him right away is going to seal the deal?

Don’t you realize by now that when you have sex with him too early he’s just going to see you as another booty call or a woman that gives it up too easily?

By giving a man what he’s after early on, he loses his reason to chase. And men love to chase. It’s in their DNA.

I don’t’ mean you should be a tease, but you can give him a chance to fall in love with you before you start sleeping with him. Remember, men fall in love with your virtue, not your vagina.

Join David Wygant and I today as we talk about this controversial subject. A subject so dear to my heart that by listening to today’s advice might actually change the way you date and could change the way men fall in love with you.