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What to do if my boyfriend is being distant

Alright, girl. Let’s dig into this. Your boyfriend is acting distant and it’s bugging you. That’s totally fair. That’s weird behavior and any woman would be buggin’ in a major way. You came to the right place for help. Let’s dig into what could be happening and what you should do to deal with this sudden distantness. Read more

Now that you have him, how do you keep him?

couple chained together
I’m all for being besties with your man, but one must remember to never get too comfortable in any relationship, as that is a slippery slope to taking your partner for granted, and likewise, your partner will also reciprocate that behavior, putting the relationship in a danger zone with a lack of passion and a surplus of boredom. Here are three main tips to keeping your relationship spicy and making sure that spark between you two stays lit and what you guys had from the beginning stays fresh, ultimately keeping you happy and keeping your man forever yours! Read more