Love lessons from Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Beauty and the Beast. Can any woman hear those lyrics and not sigh? Anyone? I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan. I love the suspense, the unlikely heroes, the dancing china and most of all, I love the love lessons. Sure, it’s a child’s movie, but you learn so many of life’s important lessons before the age of 10. And the love lessons in Beauty and the Beast resonate for lovers of any age. Here are my top take-aways from this classic movie.

Attraction doesn’t always start at the eyes

In my business, it’s true that that pecker does the picking for the most part. But there are exceptions. Sometimes the pecker can learn to follow another organ, like your heart. For Belle, it wasn’t instant chemistry, but it did lead to lasting love. So even if someone doesn’t float your boat immediately, love can still come… which brings me to my next point.

Give love time

In today’s world, we’re dealing with a lot of boy meets girl, boy checks Blackberry, girl takes an important call, they both go back to the office. Everything is rushed, including falling in love. But love is like a good wine. It’s better when you give it a second to breathe. Give your new relationships time to develop and turn into love. Belle didn’t fall for the Beast right away, but once she got to know him, those love feelings developed.

Stand by your man

Your man isn’t always going to be right, and he isn’t always going to be popular. But your man is always yours. You need to stand by him, even when it seems like the tide is turning against him. Belle sticks by the Beast when the angry mob comes to storm his castle. By defending him, she saved his life, sure, but you know what she really saved was her heart.

The obvious choice often isn’t

Sometimes your soul mate is wearing a lot of camouflage. While Beauty and the Beast seem like an obvious match now, that’s not how the movie started. So look closely before you pass someone up because he’s not exactly how you dreamed your guy would be.

Did I miss any important lessons from this movie? Do you watch Disney cartoons, even when the kids aren’t home? Which one’s your fave?