Accepting him: Why we love him even when we hate him

Your man. He’s smart. He’s handsome. He makes that disgusting clicking sound when he chews. Am I right? Or maybe it’s that he pretends he’s allergic to chives, even though he just doesn’t like them. Or never picks up his socks from the floor. Or can’t ever remember that you only like 1 percent milk. Whatever the case, I’m sure that your boo is perfect except for when he’s annoying the hell out of you. How do I know? Because that’s exactly what love is — loving someone even when you kind of hate him. Here are the reasons you love your lug of a man even though he got you tickets to visit his parents for your birthday last year. It’s quite simple really.

Because he’s yours

Sure he’s annoying, occasionally thoughtless and would be fine smelling like cold cuts all day if you didn’t bully him into showering. But he’s yours. He’s faithful and devoted and would never want anyone else to bully him into showering. He’s your guy, and you deal with his minor imperfections because those little blemishes are yours, just as much as his love and adoration are yours.

Because he loves you

Even when he can’t remember your anniversary, you know he loves you. And really, that’s what’s important. You don’t need to be swept off to a romantic weekend for the 9th anniversary of your first date. You need someone who will hold your hair back when you’re sick and pick you up a McFlurry when you’ve had a rough day. Love is about so much more than chocolate-dipped strawberries or chartering a private jet.

Because no one’s perfect

There is no one on this planet who is absolutely perfect. Everyone has used the wrong your/you’re, forgotten to call when they’re running late and put dirty dishes into a clean dishwasher. Your man isn’t perfect either. But he’s perfect for you. His bumps and rough spots fit in perfectly with your grooves, and that’s why you love him.

Because he pushes your buttons

No one can get under your skin like your man. He knows exactly how to push your buttons to drive you crazy. But read that sentence a second time. He knows exactly how to push your buttons to drive you crazy. That can be a very good thing too. The guy closest to you can irk you in a way no one else can. But he can also please you in a way no one else can. And as long as the pleasing outweighs the irking, you’re in a great place. Remember, you’re in love, but you’re also challenging each other to be better individuals.

Because you’re happy

Your man might drive you crazy occasionally, but he also makes you happy. And forgotten dry cleaning pick-ups are totally worth the smile he brings to your face every day. Plus, it’s really only occasional forgotten dry cleaning pick-ups. And it was only that one time that you had to go to work in yoga pants (and you were comfortable, right?). Completely worth it.

What’s your man’s most annoying habit? I know you love him, but venting will do you good! Tell me in the comments.