Love advice for Kristin and Rob

Word on the gossip mill is that Kristen spaceman slot Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship is on the mend. No one but the two of them knows if that’s true. If it is, these two have a long and bumpy road to relationship recovery ahead of them. Making a relationship work after infidelity takes a lot of work, a lot of heart, a lot of tissues and a lot of nights on the pull-out sofa. Here’s what they, and any couple in a sticky post-cheating situation, need to do to get there.

Keep it quiet

When you’re sorting out relationship issues, it’s important to keep the conversation between your partner and you. Leave your friends, family and, in the case of Kristen and Rob, the media completely out of it. Of course, this young couple is going to have a harder time than most keeping their relationship talks to a two-person dialogue and not a flashmob of slot bet 200 opinionated loudmouths. I don’t envy their situation. If either of them needs to vent about their relationship, they should go to a professional therapist. Anyone else and they’re guaranteed to be contributing to the media frenzy around this story. Even for those of us who aren’t on the cover of every magazine in the check-out aisle, keeping it private and professional is the only way to keep your relationship reconciliation possible.

Have fun
Rebuilding a relationship is a long process and certainly no walk in the park. But that doesn’t mean that Kristen and Rob can’t literally walk in the park during the months they’re mending. They need to take walks, have date nights and just generally have fun with each other during this tough time. Taking a break from relationship worries and just enjoying their relationship will remind them of what they liked about each other in the first place and how worth it all this work is.

My astrologer says…

“So are they really back from the dead, or has the relationship entered into some phantasmal half-life? Well, the planetary squares repeat two more times before the end of 2012. They repeat on September 29, 2012 and then again in the last week of December 2012. It looks like September 29, 2012 may result in a reconciliation; however, December 25 is when the Sun will repeat the square to Uranus that it formed when news of Stewart’s infidelity first came out. December 25 is the Sun’s birthday in ancient times, and this is when the full light of day will shine on their relationship. Whether they go up in smoke or survive will be revealed then.

“What’s interesting is that Kristen Stewart is an Aries. Aries is the sign of passion, action and reckless bravado. Aries is ruled by Mars, and Mars is the planet of men in Astrology. Pattinson, on the other hand, is a Taurus, and Taurus is ruled by Venus — the planet of women. What this means is that Stewart wears the pants in the relationship. But more importantly, the planet Uranus is in the zodiac sign of Aries which means that instead of getting zapped, as it were (remember that Uranus is the planet of lightning, electricity and shocking revelations) — it was Stewart who did the zapping. One can’t help but wonder what the public reaction would have been had the slot pulsa positions been reversed, but that’s a story for an alternative universe. Stewart got the heat for “cheating” because women don’t behave that way — men do, and it was Pattinson who was depicted as the betrayed victim in the press — a role that is usually associated with women.”

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What do you think about Kristen and Rob getting back together? What about reconciling after cheating in general? Think it’s possible to completely forgive and trust again or just delaying a messy break-up? Let me know in the comments.

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